Bathe In The Bubbles

Life Design Action: Bathe in the Bubbles

Requires: The thought to do it and a big roll top bath

Does not require: Cheese

My dad once told me that manners cost you nothing.

My brother and I had just hit teenage-hood. Like all teens we knew everything there is know about life. Naturally we brushed the “manners” comment off.

Later I discovered that good manners, respect, courteousness and appreciation do indeed cost nothing. On the other hand ignorance and belligerence can cost you a lot; happiness, relationships, your gorgeous well being.

It takes nothing to say thank you.

And frankly its just a lovely feeling to feel a thank you.

Have you ever stopped and considered how a thank you feels? Its a bit like a passion fruit scented bubble bath in your chest.

That feeling is called gratitude.

It’s a lot like love.

When you start to feel gratitude for the little things, it is like dipping your toe into a roll top bath of something indescribably warm and delicious. As you sink into it and start to say thank you (not just to people in our life, but situations, relationships, experiences and opportunities) the bubbles in the bubble bath get bigger and shinier and more bubbly.

Before you know it you are up to your neck. You’ve created an internal Zen spa that moves with you wherever you go. The rewards of being in this zone/mind set are many: life begins to feel better, we feel better, time slows down, we realise how rich we already are and when bad stuff happens we don’t get so dragged down.

Don’t get me wrong, talking about gratitude can feel a bit cheesy.

(Writing about it is taking me v close to the cheese line.)

But gratitude is a bit like love, I suppose.

When you are on the outside of love it feels/looks/appears revoltingly cheesy.

But when you’re in it?

Well, it feels a bit alright, doesn’t it?


Loads’a stuff.


But especially …

 the Opal Fruit spectrum of apple, lime, teal and sage tones unfurling on saucer shaped leaves in my jungle garden …


… and love. I have huge thanks for that.


… The bond between Pix and Reid …


Long relaxed walks to places I have never ben; to places I haven’t been in a long time due to mad mayhem work-life … Also this strong resilient healthy body that I’ve been gifted with.


I have massive thanks for my relationship with the Universe. I trust in the Universe to look after me and it does.


What else?

Roo arriving home from school.

I love it when I hear the handle go down and then he clatters in looking all dishevelled, smelling of PVA glue and full of stories of excitement and woe that have occurred that day.


Well … Ads promised he would when I fell pregnant and he has honoured the nappy promise.

Being half asleep in bed has never felt so good when you know someone else is doing the nappy change …


Me and Ads. Big thanks.


The time we have together but also the abundance of time to enjoy everything.


The London oasis and all this place holds, human and animal …


 Loadsa stuff.

What’s in your gratitude bubble?

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