Lockdown Week 16 In Review

There’s nothing like a pattern break.

And after the week/s that have just passed, I’m ready for a change.

Something to reverse the flow, shift the energy and 180 the mad momentum that life has taken on.

Ads and I have been SO busy with opening Tramezzini and TZ’s True Food Kitchen at Castlehaven Beach Café, our feet have barely touched the ground.

Behind the scenes pulling together has occupied our daytime and night-time dreams.

Every day has been a nutty to-do list that starts at the crack of dawn and finishes late at night.

This week both Tramezzini, Ventnor and TZ’s True Food Kitchen opened their doors.

It’s gone well.

But now a pattern break is required for yours truly.

And tomorrow that break comes.

A two week immersion in the out-back wilderness of the island.


Here’s my mental week in review – and hopefully the last crazy one for a while.

Surf lessons with this legend.

I am demonstrating the 1 metre social distance space following an hour and a half BATTERING in very rough waves.

My left hand looks disconcertingly small.

Staff training.

With beer.

Up to Tramezzini, Ventnor for opening day.

Down to Castlehaven for the other opening day.

Serving health, vitality and plant based goodness in a bowl.

Back to Tramezzini for a magazine photoshoot.

Last minute magazine front page illustration boshed out.

BACK down to Castlehaven for a second magazine shoot, discussion about websites and marketing plan

Not managing to do any home ed with this one all week.

I know.  Parenting fail.

And to top it off, letting him play on a phone waaaay too much due to lack of school / childcare / having a doppelganger to delegate duties too.

Double parenting fail.

Hair coloured.

Grey gone.

Lengthy lesson in how to water 6 million trees, shrubs and flower pots in my mother’s garden.

Getting educated in how to look after these birds.

Packing our stuff to come and stay here for a few weeks, water the plants, feed the chooks and …. breathe.

Recalibration – hello!

My mate Jon. One of the best people I know. I love him.

Call from the school to say Reid can go back for 1 week … next week. YES!

The buzz around our new venture.

All of the people who have come and eaten there and loved it.

Pep talk from my gorgeous mum-in-law about not feeling guilty for letting the kids use screens so much this week.

Deb, my hairdresser.

Bootcamp / fitness / training.

Knowing when to stop, when to recentre and when to return with gusto.



Leaving this one out for a week.

Refreshing nights.

Epic grounding.

Easeful structures.

Childlike play.

Sprinklers on.

Balmy sunshine.

Yoga leaning.

Big skies.

Beach days.

Long runs.

Actually remembering to put the chickens away at night before Foxy comes.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead. Sending love. x



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