Lockdown Week 10 In Review

Hang on – are we even in a lockdown anymore?

Is the title of this week in review actually valid?

Based upon the absolute SHED LOADS of people descending on the IOW at the moment … and the overflowing carparks at all of our beaches and beauty spots … it would suggest lockdown is well and truly over.

I may consider making this my final lockdown week in review, unless something supremely sensational happens this week that requires capturing.

(You never know).

Here’s my lockdown/not lockdown week 10 in review.

Met my grown up daughter, Pix, for coffee next to a stream in a park near to where she lives.

Went newt spying.

Explored the beaches.

Took Roo and Reid fishing.

Tried to eat healthily.

Despite this guy always doing this.

And this.

Smashing out some unexpected chapters in my novel.

Finding crazy amounts of these little guys on our walks.

Breakfast on the beach. It was windy. I had my costume on but the sea was arctic and I didn’t take the plunge.

Doing a little test run on my crunched ankle.

It was okay.

Doing a second test run.

Also okay.

Then, heading up to one of my favourite places – Mottistone Down and running all the way to the top and all the way back down to the bottom. Had this MASSIVE surge of freedom and joy and literally whooped and howled and laughed my happiness to the wind.

Both my dad and brother had their ashes scattered on that hill and I felt like my absolute BLISS at being alive was The Best Communion / flowers on their graves that I could ever give them.


Even if there is no life after death, the jolt of inspiration and happiness those two men must have got in that moment would have stirred even the most comatose of ghosts. The photograph above is one Adam took when I arrived back at the bottom of the hill and declared the thistle so beautiful that I wanted to be photographed in it.

The freedom of an ankle restored = insane joy.

Getting a bolt of inspiration for my novel.

Realising that the notes I wrote for another book when I was travelling through India aged 19 are part of the novel mentioned above.

Having a super gorgeous little room in a field to lock myself away and write in.

Amazing friends.

Knowing when to ask for help.

Being supported.

Tramezzini and Adam’s incredible skills with flavour and cuisine. The raging success of our cool little take-away is testament to his talent and love of food.

Upgrades all round.

Waiting around.

Mixed feelings over the current situation.

Wondering how I’m going to deal with having the kids off school for another three months.

Trying to work out how to reintegrate Reid into social social situs as he’s feeling daunted by the whole thing.

Fun, ankle-loving runs.

5am starts.

Staying booze-free throughout a few potential booze-fests.

My boys enriched with fun, laughter, good times.

Writing goals hit.

Two new illustrations commissions started.

Marketing plan scheduled and actioned and new look designed for our beloved biz.

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