This is what I’d like for Christmas

I have a re-occurring day-dream-longing for a pan rack.

This is not a weird side effect of being pregnant, as I have had it for quite some time.

I would not hang pans off my rack.

I would hang journals.

I know this sounds peculiar and in the past I’ve not really taken the thought seriously, but today, ONCE again, I found myself day dreaming about it. You see, often when I am out and about on my own, my brain becomes like a factory of ideas. It is a creativity production line. I then get back home, run into the kitchen and scrabble whatever journal, pad or notebook I can find to capture the ideas before they flutter back to the woods.

Once these ideas are written, I can relax. I can then look at them and consider whether to take them forward to whether to save them for another time. The problem is that those books and notepads are then tucked away onto shelves. They are tidied into drawers. They are magically relocated to Pix’s bureau, where all the Nice Notepads Seem To Go. And then the children get in from school and there stuff to be done and chores to be completed. And blah blah blah. You know the rest.

The result of all this is that the ideas are put away.




It feels like picking a flower and then leaving it to die on a shelf in the kitchen. Or capturing a wild bird and putting it in a cage then ignoring it and watching Jeremy Kyle on TV. In fact, I think if ideas were birds and books were cages, I would be on the RSPCB most wanted list.

Please note, however, that I do not watch Jeremy Kyle.

Another thing I’d like to be clear on is that I haven’t ever seriously thought about GETTING a book/pan-rack until today when out walking.

Because I was walking along the Undercliff in Sao Lorenz dressed in joggers, trainers and a raggedy jumper (I am currently holding position for the Sao Lorenz tramp) and because I was also very red in the face glowing and slightly uncomfortable with people driving past about to splatter me on the blind bends, I distracted myself by indulging further in the hanging book fantasy.

After some serious thought-observation, I realised that:

1. In the fantasy I have books of different colours for certain idea categories. This way when I run in with a creative inspiration fluttering wildly in my head – wham! I know exactly where to go and write it so it can be with others of it’s kind. The colours are all rich and dark and Harry Potterish. No gaudy or primary colours. Uh-uh.

2. The books are all hardback and of good quality paper.

3. The books hang open like fans and because of that they can breathe. Air passes through their pages, refreshing them and keeping them alive.


In the fantasy-day-dream, all the books hang in the living room. They are at head level. They are quite spread out … not this this:

The House Of Bethan

More like these lovely umbrellas (except my books would be lower down for easy writing access.)

The House of Bethan

Don’t you think it would be amazing? I appreciate it would be pretty impractical when trying to walk through the living room. And also its a bit “take-overish” of the lounge.

Which is why I thought I could go for a pan rack.

In the kitchen,

Which, by sheer luck is the next room we are going to decorate.

And Christmas happens to be coming up. You can always get away with things at Christmas, can’t you? And I think Ads would like  a pan rack. After all, he is a chef. What do you think he’ll say?

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