What happened next …

Next I got home and cleared out the loft. Hurrah! Highly exciting stuff. I have been meaning to do this ever since putting The Haven on the market, but somehow the fear of what I’d find (sentimental items) had kept me at bay.

But not now.

Now I have will of iron and steely determination.

I do not comply to sacks of old clothes or randomly stuffed-in camping gear.

So … the loft in question is accessed through the lair of Roodells. This meant that I needed to wait for him to be out before I could safely forage and clear. Isn’t it strange the attachment that small children have to ever last button and souvenir that they’ve ever hoarded? To kids EVERYTHING is like treasure.

Roodells spends a lot of his time being a pirate, so he is exceptionally protective of all his treasure. And by that I mean all of it. This included the deflated Pilates ball that is splattered in gloss and has been under a hedge in the garden for the last year. We had a Massive Hour Long Creation at the dump when he saw that the punctured Pilates ball was being dumped and insisted he loved it.

Since then I have selected my Clearing Out time with precision and care. I like to be able to rummage and forage uninterupted too. Hanging around in the loft feels quite Zen to me. In fact, there is little more I like to do than to sit cross-legged in an attic-jungle, exploring specimens of things long past and nearly forgotten. It’s like being able to burrow into someones subconscious mind and find all of the memories, the bits and bobs, the old diaries, toys, items and ornaments that are no longer needed.

Each section is like a time capsule. Look! …I found a load of Goal Maps and Vision Boards from way back when.

Here’s another one …

Quite like this one as it brings us up to 2012 where we are now. What else did I find?

This was a front cover for a teen book I was putting together. Quite glad it never got used as the girl looks a bit anorexic by the looks of that shoulder and it wouldn’t have been very pro-gorgeous. This next one made me go all shivery … Look.

This was drawn on a scrappy old piece of A4 paper and underneath I’d written “I run my own business delivering positive thinking and Goal Mapping workshops. My workshops are in demand and helping countless people. I am being paid great big chunks of juicy money for my time. I travel about in a red Audi TT. I deliver my workshops with power, passion and precision and I have achieved all of this by the time I am 31.”

I am now 31! This piece was dated 2007. Everything on it that I described I now do/have … except for the red Audi TT. But I do use Doris – Ads’ car – which is a llittle black Golf convertible, which I’m more than happy with until the Audi arrives.

In my workshops I teach exactly what I have done above … that if you set a goal, create an image of it, visualise it, work towards it and believe in yourself, AMAZING things can happen. But it still makes me go all quivery when I see the power of thought and deed in action. It still makes me gasp when I find pictures like crystal balls predicting a future that wasn’t formed until it was first imagined.

I find that so inspiring. We are limited only by that we can – or can not – imagine.

This is the final thing I want to share with you from the loft. It is a page from a book that I was writing around 2007/8 and was never finished. I think that I got way-laid and side-tracked by “not sure if this is good enough” thoughts and my drive weakened. I’m sort of gutted though. Because now I think it’s rather gorgeous.

Am defo not going to throw this one away. Might just paint a deflated Pilates ball in one corner of it then stick the whole thing toon Roo’s bedroom wall. Then I’ll insist he keeps it for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever. Have a great day Beauty-Full Ones. x

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