My Favourite Tramp

About three or four years ago this filthy, injured tramp fellow staggered into my back garden. Me and Pix were sitting at the kitchen table and we gawped as he came through. We were frightened, yet instead of calling the police or chasing the tramp away, we found ourselves glued to our seats. And as we watched we noticed that he wasn’t trying to harm anyone.

He just wanted to sit down somewhere quiet.

And he really was very badly injured.

Gradually Pix and I summoned the courage to open up the back door and creep out to see the tramp. As we got closer we were surprised to see that he was actually quite a young man. He looked haggard though. Haggard and tired of running.

So, as it was summer, we let the tramp rest in the hammock in the garden and we brought him down some food and some drink. Gradually he started to trust us and began to tell us his story.

The tramp was called Money and all his life he’d been chased by people. He’d been caught, enslaved, captured. He’d been hated, loathed and manufactured. He’d been accused of being the root of all evil. He’d also been put on a pedestal and told that he made the very world go round. Now he was tired, injured, exhausted. All he wanted was to be a free man.

And as Money continued to live in our garden we began to get to know him. It turned out that Money was just a nickname he’d been given.

“What’s your real name?” Pix asked in her kind, gentle voice.

He leaned down and whispered, “Prosperity.”

Ever since that time Prosperity has been living with us. He is the most gorgeous house-guest/lodger that we could ever ask for. He wipes his feet when he comes in, is bursting full of fun, friendship, energy, beauty and laughter. He is like a warmth that wraps himself around me and my family and we love him.

I don’t try and trap or own Prosperity, I simply let him come and go, trust he is okay and accept his quirks. In return Prosperity brings everything we ever need and a little extra to share and sometimes enough to even have a party with.

This is a story that I made up for Pix to show that Money/Prosperity is not bad or evil or something to be intimidated by. Money/Prosperity is not a bad thing – but the lengths people will go to trap this force can become negative.

At the same time it isn’t a story. I genuinely FEEL that Prosperity is my loyal friend. I trust him, I am supported by him and I know I’ll always have enough of everything that I need.

Please share this story with your children if you would like them to form an open hearted relationship with Prosperity. And please share it with your Facebook friends so that they can share it with their children too.

Yesterday Prosperity delivered me £576.00 which is the amount I need for something very special that I want to do. I had booked the “thing” knowing that Prosperity would throw me a little wedge and sure enough, once again, the gorgeous house-guest came through. Today I’m baking him a pumpkin pie to say thank you. And that he is gorgeous. And that I love him.

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