From Ches Lounge to Wah Lah

Life Design Action: From Ches Lounge to Wah Lah in Three

Requires: These three steps

Right, so you’re up for hanging with the Comfort Zone Butterflies … but what if you aren’t sure quite HOW to get out of the hammock/ches lounge/bed/lounger of choice? You know you want to pioneer a new lifestyle habit, a new way of being in relationship, a new business, a new venture, but you’ve been vertical for so long. How do you begin?

1. Design Your Stepping Stones 

Do you have a strategy as to where you want to go and how you are going to get there? Working out your stepping stones of action is critical for success. When we have an idea/goal and don’t break it into smaller chunks it can be overwhelming – which will send us back into our comfort zone where its warm and snug. But taking an easy baby step is more manageable.

Little exercise: Write down your final goal as if it has already occurred, then work your way backwards from then until now. Ask yourself what would need to happen, action by action, step by step, working backwards from the final picture, until eventually you arrive at where you are standing/lying right now. Wah lah! You now have a strategy.

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2. Blag Yourself (aka. utilise perspective )

Okay, so baby steps are easy … when they are easy. But what if one stepping stone, way down the line looks really scary? What if it is covered with a blood-sucking, man eating, frothing-at-the mouth cluster of gut-butterflies?

I’d say two things:

a) be aware that by the time you GET there your confidence will already have grown so the fear will have diminished and it will simply become the next step and the blood-sucking butterflies will have become more like gentle, egg-shell blue moths.

b) be reckless, brave and daring! Overshadow one scary step by creating another Even Bigger Scarier One further down the line. This works because suddenly, the thought of the first scary stepping stone is now like a walk in the woods compared to the monster further down the line. I use this technique frequently and it works wonders.

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3. Positive Pre-play / Write Premature Blogs

Positive pre-play is a technique that I teach my clients and can’t emphasise enough. By visualising the desired outcome of your goal as if it has already occurred, you will create the emotions, mind set and confidence of a person who has already been there and done it. This creates a state of fearlessness and fearlessness mixed with confidence and positivity will allow you to jump through a variety of burning hoops suspended in a cloud of blood-sucking gutterflies butterflies … and hence get to where you want to be.

For those of you who blog (and even those who don’t) here’s a nice little story about how I used this very blog to achieve a desired result …

On Nov 22nd I ran the first ever Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Programme in a secondary school. A lot of work had gone into the session; a lot of love and planning.

Three days PRIOR to the workshop I scribbled out the rough blog post that I intended to publish the NIGHT after I’d delivered the workshop. In this post I described how amazing the day had gone, the things that were said, the outcomes delivered, the way I’d felt. I didn’t end up publishing that post because the evening after the workshop I went out to celebrate the massive success it had been. It had so surpassed my expectations that I didn’t have time to publish the post and the moment felt lost.

Yesterday when I picked up my journal and saw the scrawled notes from Nov 19th. I was one again reminded (and blown away) by the power of visualising and capturing what you most want to happen, for everything I’d written down on that paper, including the verbal feedback from the girls, had occurred exactly as I’d described it!

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Positive pre-play … DO IT!!

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