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Bethan Christopher is an illustrator, artist and freelance writer. She is the author women’s body-love bible, of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness (2008) and Rebel Beauty for Teens (2021).

She says, “For over twenty years my work has been a weave of creativity, the written word and transformational coaching. I started off delivering art workshops for young people and their families, whilst also working on a small series of children’s books in my spare time. Two of these books, Skeleton Beach and Eggaporting to the Amazon were published in 2004/5, in my early twenties. At the same time I had a side-gig of designing illustrative graphics for online coaching companies.

I’ve always had a taste for personal development and by 2008 was working as a copywriter for one of the UK’s leading life coaching companies. It wasn’t long before I set up my own company, co-designed and delivering coaching programmes to a variety of different audiences. The Obelisk Life Wheel Programme for Addiction Recovery, funded by Public Health, ran for 4 years in my region and offered an alternative to AA, helping hundreds of people recover and rebuild their lives following substance addiction. I also delivered coaching programmes to the general public, creative professionals, in education and homeless London based youth, aged 16-21.

Now coaching full-time, with a side gig of writing, I created my women’s self-esteem and body love book, Grow Your Own Gorgeousness and in 2012 it was published. Featured in the Times Educational Supplement and Elle magazine, the books attracted attention from schools who asked for an educational delivery to help young people navigate their way through cultural pressure to conform to narrow beauty ideals. By 2014 the Gorgeousness Programme had been written, piloted and funded to roll out on the Isle of Wight, where I live and where, ironically, body esteem in young females falls lower than the national average. This programme ran up until 2020 when Covid stopped the world in it’s tracks. Thankfully, the material was captured in my latest book Rebel Beauty For Teens, which will be released on April 15th 2021.

Since the world tilted on its head through the pandemic, I have retired (I think) from coaching.

Instead, like everyone, I am spending lots of time at home. My focus now is on making lots of gorgeous art for people, returning to my blog, writing more books and looking after my little family, husband and dog (whose name is Frida. After Frida Kahlo, of course.”

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