A Gorgeous Week In Review

This handsome fellow dropped in to call.

Followed shortly by this pair …

And then THIS proceeded to happen!!

Driving AJ to her bus stop and seeing this incredible strip of lava cloud. Going to the seafront, pulling up on double yellows and getting out – in my usual pyjama “taxi” suit – to snatch a photo.

Sending books and goodies galore to their new homes, all over the planet!

A good hour spent chasing an unfortunate duck and then inspecting this bit of old farming equipment in detail.

And of course, patting this old boy (whilst I waited for a very important shop to open where I was about to buy a very important and secret thing). Shh!

Tying up all the loose ends for the launch of my final magical creation of 2015.

Launch is on December the first!!!

Welcoming Mum and Chris home from South America.

Spending a lovely few hours interviewing textile artisan, The Kat.

Lovely winter soups made by Ads.

Laughing hysterically with AJ at 6.10am whilst giving head-spinning analogies to describe the media and how it works.

Recognising that its not the world – it is simply the time of the month. This has taken nearly 35 years.

A random phone call conversation with a lettings woman who has changed my  mind about something major (more on this in a month).

My soul-sister’s house sale going through. She’s coming to the ISLE!!!!!!

Seeing the completed version of the Grow Your Gorgeous 2016 Daybook and falling in love.

Clare Williams.

For the Tramezzini Christmas Exhibition this Sunday to go sensationally well.

For my writing contracts to flow with ease and finesse.

For the Grow Your Gorgeous 2016 Daybook to reach all of the conscious world-changers that it is destined to serve.

For the filming of the Venus Women’s Awards Semi Final thingy to be successful and fun.

To see my gorgeous KF Soul Sis A LOT.

To have a great night at the Venus Awards event.

To be happy.

To be healthy.



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