A Gorgeous Week In Review

Walking with my gorgeous little Reidos. Who needs a sandpit when you have a hundred mole hills?

Latest Wightlife article published.

Castle view from my portable office (aka car).

Prepping for the launch of the Grow Your Gorgeous 2016 Daybook, later this month.

Packing off Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Adult Colouring Books to homes in London, Cheshire, Portsmouth, Surrey and Sweden.

Boys playing outside in torrential rain!

Visiting one of the oldest churches on the island to let the Christian God know that some Re-Sourcing is required in the Earth Zone. I like to cover each base.

Retraced my footsteps back to a sacred place where I feel much more at home and did my own little bit of Earth Magic there.

The sun came out … as you can see!

An adventurous trip to Oxford with a lovely friend where I met more lovely friends.

A cosy visit to Naughty Nordbruch’s and lunch – on her.

My gorgeous daughter and the corner she’s turned.

Posting a letter that could dramatically change 2016.

Potential Goal Mapping workshops with an interesting new client group.

My mum coming home from South America tonight. I’ve missed her.

Half of the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Adult Colouring Books sold.

Carol and Bob Bridgestock loving their article.

News that my soul-sister who I love dearly is going to be moving to the island Very Very soon.

Feeling healthy.

My two gorgeous boys.

An amazing home in a safe environment.

The wonderful people I have met this year.

The opportunities that have opened themselves up this year.


A path forward for this crazy world to find peace and love for the sake of all the children.

For my children to remain happy, healthy and safe.

To see my mum lots and enjoy having her home again.



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