An 8 Week Old Baby And Expecting AGAIN?! Oh.

Life Design Action: Embrace the Adventure

Requires: Sturdy chairs, good timing and appropriate locations

Does not require: Humourlessness

Some announcements require a good time, a good place and a good sturdy chair to sit on.

Bethan Christopher

That’s why I chose Ads’ deli to tell my mum our BIG news.

It was fairly near to closing time. Ads was still behind the counter. He’d suggested we waited until he’d finished, but I couldn’t bare it any longer.

I called my mum and arranged to meet and now here she was. Sailing through the door, she swept baby Reid up into her arms; kissed his gorgeous face, tummy and hands whilst asking,

“Well? What is this important news you wanted to tell me?”

I took a deep breath and looked at Ads.

He looked at me, his eyebrows raising with nervous anticipation.

I looked back at mum.

So innocent.

So naïve.

“Okay,” I said haltingly. “So …”


“… you know you said you’d be happy to help out with child care when I return to work?”

“Yessss,” said Mum in that drawn out sing-songy voice people use when they are talking to you through a baby – and you’re not convinced they are actually paying you any attention at all.

I forged on as best I could.

“Well, er, something has happened …”

“Ye-esss?” Still gazing all gooey eyed at Reid.

“We’re having another baby.”

Mum’s face jerked up. “What did you say?”

“I said I’m expecting again.”

Her face was blank of expression. She goggled me, then goggled Ads and then goggled me again.

“Another baby?” she spluttered.

Bethan Christopher

I paused for a moment – quite a long moment – until I became worried she was going to drop the baby, then announced,

“I’m only joking! Ads just got a restaurant!! Isn’t that AMAZING?”

 I launched into a great big torrent of verbal excitement about the incredible premises that Tramezzini are about to get.

Bethan Christopher

The restaurant (according to the Readers Digest) is located on the sunniest road in Britain.

Bethan Christopher

The clean, simple yet sophisticated restaurant has a huge rustic open fire place for winter days. For summer time, the veranda is a suntrap of rays and gorgeousness where there are panoramoic views of the bay …

Bethan Christopher

 … where local seafood will be bought in and served.

To access the restaurant from the beach you have to go up a steep road and then up some steep steps, past a rusty cream sign post which looks like could be found down a winding Sicilian street …

Bethan Christopher

As I whipped and rolled Mum through this crazy tidal wave of new adventure brilliance, she sat down. She had the expression of an inexperienced surfer who just lost his board and having been hurled around in the surf, had then been spat out on the beach.

I grinned at her happily. “So what do you think?”

She nodded and said in a shrill voice, “I think it’s brilliant!”

Life is full of adventures isn’t it?

Ventures and adventures.

You never know quite what is around the next corner. One minute you are whistling and humming as you walk down a long, straight road. Then the next minute, POW, you smash your face against a glass conservatory door and realise that the road ahead was a mirage and that actually a whole other road is now jutting out to your right.

Bethan Christopher

Whist Ads is building up to his next hugely successful (Ad) venture, I have a few little adventures of my own.

Today I’m going to London and will spend the next few days in a room with CEO of Hay House books, Reid Tracey. Strange that after never knowing any Reids I am now about  to meet the second in two months. I have been working on a variety of book manuscripts and hopefully this meeting with Reid The Second will see the first little buds start to blossom from them.

Then there are a few other adventures beckoning.

One involves a film reel and a storyboard.

Another involves a brand new transformational coaching programme that is going to hit the Isle of Wight later this year. If you’d like to be kept in the loop with that then it would be best to subscribe to the site so you get the upcoming events articles in me lov-er-ley newsletter.

Meantime I will keep you updated on how everything else unfolds.

Then there is the adventure of my new website and blog which all subscribers of The House of Bethan are about to be transported across to … todayish. I know I mentioned this a while ago and now that time has come. Because I’m still very attached to the House of Bethan I thought I’d keep it open and post any pics from the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness facebook page. It will be a little like a summer house in the garden of the Big Blog where artists and bonhemians can hang out. It’ll be a good place for parties and sleepovers … That sort of thing.

So there you have it.

Exciting times … Adventures and ventures and stories and creativity and magic stuff all in the making.

I’m so glad you are all coming along for the ride.

And I’m glad I’m not pregnant again.

I think that would be one adventure too much.

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