18th Dec – A Gorgeous Week In Review

The Grinch kindly giving Rowan a hair cut.

Continuing the birthday celebrations with this girl of gorgeousness.

Drinking green smoothies. They would taste perfectly acceptable if not for the additional barleygrass, wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, spinach and kale powder that produce the tone and flavour of swamp water.

Christmas baking with my boy.


Meeting with a cool lady about some cool collaborations in 2016.

Ro’s nativity.

My office view. Whilst Reid naps.

Time out.

A great Goal Mapping Session with my client.

Impromptu fun with my old friend NN.

Sunshine in the garden.

Beating Ads hands down at Monopoly.

Family night with my beloveds.

Coffee with my sisterhood at the Plantation Rooms.

Good sleep.

Space to nurture The Haven and give it some cleaning love.

A great project for 2016 with the Wellbeing Experience.

Completing my writing deadlines.

Breaking off for Xmas.


Time abundance.


Peace in the homestead.



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