The Venusian Arts Coffee House

The Venusian Arts Coffee House is a pop-up creative space for artists, makers, thinkers, seasoned creatives and those who are just starting out. We offer a delicious feast of Venusian inspired experiences to help tempt out your inner artist and unleash your unique self-expression.

Current offerings are:


One off creativity sessions for adults and young people aged 12+

Sunday mornings between 9.30am – 12pm @ Tramezzini, 14 High Street Ventnor, Isle of Wight

24th November – 22nd December 2019

After the phenomenal success and weekly love in at our summer Sunday sessions, it would have been rude for us not to bring back the mischief and mayhem for another round of magick. This time we have artists and makers who’ll be taking us down the rabbit hole of surrealist art, Hazel wand-making, ethical cracker creation and painting pictures to frenzied, festive tales.

To avoid faffing about with weekly bookings – and also because these sessions fill up super quickly – we now ask for bookings to be made in advance. The cost for the full five weeks is £70. To book single sessions that tickle your fancy, the cost is £14. All beverages and resources are provided. Please book via the ENQUIRIES link at the top of the page.


A contained, supported, alchemical space for writers to write and complete their writings. 

Sunday afternoons between 2pm – 5pm @ Tramezzini, 14 High Street Ventnor, Isle of Wight

24th November – 22nd December 2019

1. Do you want to write? 2. Do you want to write more or with some company? Do you want to write but can’t find the time/space/accountability/impetus/motivation?  3. If you want to get your stuff written, come and write it @ “Lead & Gold”

* 5 Sunday sessions of lavish writing space
* 15 hours of dedicated time for your written words
* Weekly goal setting and accountability tools for heightened creativity and productivity
* Turbo coaching on tap during the session
* Caffeine on a drip
* Cake-ish offerings to the alchemist Hermes, who helps you turn pencil lead into gold and worlds into words (you get to eat the cake too).

£70 for the full 5 week immersion

IDEAL FOR: Content Creators, Bloggers, Aspiring Writers, Social Media Climbers, Novelists, Seasoned Scribblers, Rewriters, Editors and Bang-Heads-Against-Wallers

RESERVATIONS OPEN ON 31ST OCTOBER 2019 * ONLY 10 SEATS AVAILABLE. Please book via the ENQUIRIES link at the top of the page.


A 1 day immersive experience for seed-planting your ultimate 2020 vision.  

This powerful full day immersion combines ancient hermetic magic, embodiment practices and sensory creative processes to help you seed and anchor your most potent vison for 2020 and beyond. It is a three-fold process that supports you in aligning your vision, energy, conscious and unconscious mind to anchor your intentions and triggering profound changes in your personal reality.

I am looking for:

13 people with a high vibe vision of what they want to manifest

13 people who are open to unusual techniques to accelerate turning their intention into gold

13 people who are able to hold themselves well when their intentions and goals begin to manifest at an unusually quick pace

(Please note that this experience is by application only. To make an application, please contact Bethan by clicking the ENQUIRIES tab at the top of this page.)


The Gorgeousness Programme

Bombarded with unattainable images of beauty that impact their self and body esteem, the pressure on young people to be visually “perfect” is becoming increasingly destructive. Research shows that young people who develop low self esteem from hang-ups about their looks, often fail to reach their full potential in life.

The Gorgeousness Programme is a highly interactive, inspiring 7 week course, designed to improve body esteem, increase self confidence, elevate skills in communication and provide a heightened sense of aspiration and self belief. Skills learnt in the Gorgeousness Programme support girls in recognising teh damaging impact of narrow beauty ideals and help them to base their self esteem on factors otehr than physical appearence alone.

Upcoming Programmes:

Ventnor / Niton – Age 12-15 @ Nettlecombe Farm. Whitwell, Isle of Wight

Cost: £80 for full day workshop, 6 follow-up sessions, refreshments and resources

Starts Sunday 26th January 2019 @ 10am-2.30pm

Runs every Monday evening between 6pm – 7.30pm for 6 weeks / Feb 3rd 2019 – Mar 9th

For more information or to book your young person’s place, please contact Bethan on the ENQUIRIES tab at the top of the page.

For more information about upcoming workshops and experiences please contact Bethan here.

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