Words Whisper – Actions Dance

In my cupboard I have a black case full of dumbbells.

In my other cupboard I have DVDs offering short cuts to a Yogic body of serpentine bending proportions.

In another cupboard I have books that will teach me to speak Latin American, dance the Tango and cook Argentinian cuisine.

I have lots of cupboards.

I have had lots of goals.

I have had many well intentioned ideas through the years.

But here is the thing.

Buying dumbbells might give you the impression you’ve done half the work. You haven’t. Well intentioned Latin American language CDs cast the illusion that you will be able to converse with the portrait painters of Buenos Aires on your South American tour. They won’t. Yogic DVDs may suggest sensual, candle-lit dates with a mat and the fire crackling, but they are just shelf decoration if you don’t show up and bend.

The tools won’t make the thing happen.

Only you can do that.


The way to hit your goals is simple and free of charge. You’ve just got to turn up. Do the shiz. Turn up again. Do more.

So simple. So hard!

But once you get it? So simple.

If you want to get fit, you don’t have to wait until you’ve purchased the latest laboratory tested running lycra. Just get your trackies on go running. If you want to write a book, a blog, a programme, you don’t have to rent a cabin on a mountain top in Timbucktoo. Just get a pad and a biro and start writing something down. I’ve spent years not turning up or showing up (to the page, to the class, to the run, to the event) and it doesn’t get you very far, believe me!

Yet when I finally understood that pretty much all of the obstacles that were in the way between myself and my goals were self-created procrastination techniques, suddenly I started to show up and things got DONE. Books were written. Healthy meals were prepared. Classes were attended.

Taking action and showing up means you start signaling to your peers and your subconscious and every other person that counts, that you are serious about your deepest desires and you are prepared to be visible in your pursuit of them.

Your actions become your calling card and your word become your truth.

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