Why Re-Embodying Yourself Is A Win-Win

It’s a glorious autumn day.

I have pulled the sash windows wide open for a filter-free view of the copper leaf lawn.

Nut brown spiders ping and pong in their swaying sky nets; silver ropes that glisten in the autumn sun.

Tea is made.

The house is quiet.

By a marigold colour bowl of sticky cooking apples, I am Skyping my dear friend Emma; Ms Hill Mountain Lady. From the laptop rimmed window before me, I see her patch of sky, old stone and Tibetan prayer flags. I can hear her dogs barking and she is sipping coffee from an enamel cup with Unknown Epic written on the front in blue.

“I don’t know if you’re feeling this too,” I am saying to her, “but I can feel this thing rising. Something IS happening.”

Last week I published this post on the blog.

If you haven’t read it, it’s about the disembodiment that is occurring as a result of self-objectification on a huge scale.

My stats say that a hell of a lot of people read that article.

A number of my Facebook friends reacted with sadness – even distress.

I thought about that a lot over the weekend.

It made things feel a bit hopeless.

Which didn’t feel right because I don’t believe that the situation that is currently faced by the next generation of girls is hopeless.

I think we’re gonna win!

Here’s why (and it has to do with the conversation at my kitchen table in which I said to Emma, “Something IS happening”:

During 2017 I have had the unexpected honour of being plugged into a breath-taking network of women.

This “plugging in” has not been limited to a particular group or region in the country or world. It has been vast and apparently unrelated (until suddenly the connections began to build up). This group of women – it turns out – are all linked with each other (though some of them don’t realise this).

They range from Claire Dubois of Tree Sisters, Polly Higgins – an ecocide law expert, Jewels Wingfield, Shashi Solluna, Alexandra Pope, Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, Suzanne Baker of Seedbed, 24 women that I met as a result of attending the Red School Women’s Apprenticeship this year as well as many other power-house femmes who are bookmarked in a sisterhood of strength and realisation.

The coincidences and synchronicities that have bound me up with these female forces are mind boggling and frankly too strange to tell.

And what all of these women have in common is that they are following a very strong, undeniable calling. This calling about awakening and empowering a new narrative and cultural web for women and girls to exist within.

And they’re doing their shit.

Oh my flipping goodness – they are DOING it!

I can absolutely tell you …

There is a movement happening.

There are women gathering.

There is grouping – that is not strategized or consciously developed or networked in the usual sense – and the cells within the group are starting to see the links between themselves. Because this group of women are who they are, there is not competition or power-over or diving in with loud, splashy outrageousness.

Instead there is pacing and kneading and gradual, powerful emergence and co-operative creation. It’s happening to the left of us, to the right of us, before us and behind us. It is also rising from below like some hilarious, tickling mist that some can feel and some aren’t not aware of – but it’s rising and it’s good.

This is the something that IS happening.

And that brings us to YOU.

As someone who is currently sitting/standing here, passing your eyes over these words and comprehending their meaning in your starry Universe of a mind, you are ALSO 100% linked in to this movement towards a newly empowered future.

You are also part of this change and you have a vital role to play within it.

You are linked to it by the simple fact that it is coming to your attention.

That is why, when I published last week’s post, I explained that WE need to re-embody ourselves.

We – you and I – need to take responsibility and do the work required so that we can anchor the change that the world needs within our own bones, blood and fingernails. For every single woman and man who does this, the positive change grows in power and in numbers.

So, by stepping onto your personal journey of re-embodying yourself, not only do you feel better – present, grounded, empowered, more vital, healthy and gorgeously capable of following your call – you also add your power to a movement that’s happening all over the planet at this time.

It’s a win-win.

This is exciting.

It is really good.

And it’s deeply – deeply – hopeful.

Embodiment Mission 1: Say “Hello” To  Your Body.

 We spend each and every day thinking, mentally processing, interacting with the outside world. How often do we stop and check in with the body and how it is feeling?

Roll your shoulders. What cracks? What feels good? Bend over. How good are you at bending? Can you bend? How does it feel to be in your body? Close your eyes and do a scan of your body. Where is there stress? Where is there tension? How familiar are you with that tension? How long has that niggle been happening?

Say hi to your body. Let her know that you’re here with her and are checking in with her to see how she’s doing.

Now wait and sense what your body’s response is to that.

Is there a quiet listening within?

As though your body has also paused in her day and is noticing you back?

Try and do this as much as possible today. Decide a point in tomorrow – and the next day –  where you can put everything else to one side and check in with how you’re body is feeling. Use a notebook to begin a simple log, capturing how your body feels and what that feeling says to you.

Start a relationship with your body that holds it as a being in its own right – and consider that being a friend.

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