When “It” Hits The Fan, Do What?

Yesterday I avoided any social media, didn’t watch the news and generally ducked out of any conversations regarding the T word.

Instead, I did this:

a) Before Pix and Roo went to school I set them both a challenge which was, “Whatever gets spoken about today regarding the US Presidential Elections, can you avoid getting pulled into fear and drama and instead focus on the beauty and love in your own personal reality/present life.”

b) Brought in wood, stood in the garden and hung out with my toddler.

c) Did things in the house to cleanse, revitalise and invigorate the energy there.


C is my usual Go To when “It” has hit the fan, both globally and in locally.

It’s not about burying one’s head in the sand, but instead choosing an empowered focus of energy.

By working within the parameters of my own space, I get the feeling that there is a small patch of reality (in this great patchwork blanket of life) where I can call the shots, stitch the pattern, mend the holes and colour the environment with qualities that make me feel good. Working on House Energy creates a sense of safety in my body and grounding in a world-story that is dizzy with motion and madness.

I also hold the belief that, in its own way, our individual life mirrors the collective human life.

And as I’m kind of up for good leadership, honesty, values, happiness, peace, joy, equality and connection, THAT is what I need to plant in my home today.

Below are a couple of pages from last year’s Daybook about how to zing up the energy in your homestead.


What do you do to clear and lighten the energy in your home?

What’s your main Go To when things happen in the world that rock your boat?

Please take a moment to plant some of your gorgeous thoughts in the comments below as I’d love to gather up some more ideas!

May your day be beautiful and full of Zen.

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