“Gor-geous-ness” (noun) 

A personal energy that is triggered by saying YES to who you are.

An unwavering trust in your body and your self.

A unique confidence, beauty and style that radiates from within.

The term “gorgeousness” describes an energy that is unique to every woman. It is the individual quality of your You-Ness – a quality that is often reduced and suppressed through society’s external pressures of what we should be. Growing Your Own Gorgeousness is about discovering the simple secret that we are “as beautiful as we believe ourselves to be” and then letting this new way infuse our life choices and self esteem.

How do I know if I’m not connected

to my Gorgeousness?  

Your sense of okay-ness will be dependent on external factors and you will say things like:


“I’ll be happy when I lose 5lbs/2kgs, look 10 years younger, get a new job, become effortlessly beautiful.”


By depending upon these outside circumstances for our sense of internal worth, we are forever battling and struggling for a false ideal. We set about on a treadmill of self improvement that never ends; incurable Beauty Syndrome.

Gorgeousness gets you off the treadmill. It is the act of cultivating an internal hot-house of confidence based on exactly who you are right now. Once established you are no longer blocked by a negative internal narrative that restricts your time, focus and energy into weight loss, sizing yourself up and self improvement plans. Instead you are free to love, celebrate, enjoy and nurture your body; grow your relationships, dreams, values; live your life experience on your own terms of self-empowered Gorgeousness.

How Can I Begin Accessing My Gorgouesness?

Over the next 6 months the boutique will be stocked with an abundance of tools, ecourses and resources to help you and women in your life to begin accessing your own unique energy and discovering what this can mean for you.
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