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A while ago Lua, from A Bowl Of Oranges wrote a great post abound how we label ourselves. The post was called Becoming Transparent and it sparked me off thinking about personal identity and how our self image is made up of the labels we have taken on – or rejected.

Psychologists refer to this inner-map of who we are as self concept. It t is our self concept that allows us to act and behave and remain consistent in being “who we are”. The problem with these label/concepts that we create for ourselves is that while sometimes they serve us, sometimes they can hold us back.

Bethan Christopher

Take for example someone who has labelled themselves as being shy from a young age. They may have cultivated a powerful inner picture of themselves feeling shy when in a group of people, awkward whilst making conversation and blushing when another person’s attention is on them. Their label/image of themselves as being shy has become a blueprint for the subconscious mind to steer towards and the result is that their thoughts, feelings, attitudes, habits and behavior all reflect a shy person.

What if the label this person had given themselves was of confidence rather than being shy? How would they be different? Would their lives have taken a different course?

I’m not saying that being quiet is a negative attribute, although being painfully shy can have a negative effect on people’s lives and self esteem. Luckily though, our labels aren’t fixed. We are fluid, adaptable creatures and can alter the way we see ourselves and therefore the way we behave and experience ourselves.

Which labels seem to hold you back? Which labels would you like to be free of? Do your labels reflect a high sense of inner gorgeousness or do they inhibit your free flow of rare, delicious beauty?

To change your labels and therefore your experience of yourself and life, you need to first alter your focus. Rather than focusing on “not wanting to be like that anymore” explore how you do want to be. So, if you have the label of “having terrible willpower” then decide how it is that you want to be. For example, “I am dynamic, motivated and I complete my goals.”

Next sit and think about all of the times you have demonstrated being dynamic, motivated and have completed your goals. If you struggle with coming up with a memory, just use your imagination and see yourself being this way. If this is a struggle too, then think about someone you know who is dynamic and motivated. How would it feel to be like that?

Get a very clear picture of yourself being this person. How do you feel? What sort of thoughts are you having? Get in touch with those qualities.

Finally, decide to spend just one day being dynamic and motivated. Just try it! Play with it! There’s no pressure. All you need to do is begin collecting new experiences that give your subconscious information about you BEING determined, committed and confident. Start a new habit. Create a new label.

Once your new label is formed you will need to keep on growing new experiences of being that person. In a previous post I talked about how it takes 21 days to form a new habit. To create a new label and really establish that as a blue print for your subconscious mind probably takes a little longer, but hey, you have perseverance, right?

You don’t?

Well, if that’s one label you want to get rid of, you know what to do …

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