Those Moments Before You Fall


Oh – those tummy churning moments before you fall!

… That brief, killer pause as the roller coaster carriages stop at the peak of the biggest, bum-clenching drop of doom.

… That sick, swollen second as you cling to the edge of the plane (pre sky-dive), a whole mouth of emptiness yawning before you.

… That day of lip-licking angst as you teeter on the brink of a 42 Day Experiment of Mind/Body/Spirit Transformation.


Okay, so Number 3 isn’t quite a pants-destroying as the first two … BUT it still feels pretty exhilarating and petrifying in equal proportions.

Number 3 is where I am at today.

On the edge of my 6 Week Gorgeousness Energetics Programme.

From where I am standing (whilst jumping from foot to foot and doing a few nervous air-punches Rocky-style) I can see my destination.

42 days down the line I will feel utterly amazing.

I’ll feel lighter, brighter, happier and stronger.

I’ll be energised, revitalised, fitter and I’ll be sleeping better.

Things will have opened up in my life that I can’t even begin to imagine right now.

BUT, in order to get to that place, I have to leap into something quite wild and unfamiliar.

Here’s why:

The 6 Week Gorgeousness Energetics Programme is based on the idea that we already have the tools we need to transform our heath, our well being, our successes and our experience of self. Ever since ancient times, we have known how to cleanse the body, detoxify the mind and implement practices that will enrich and elevate our daily reality. For the first time in history, more of us than ever before have access to clean water, fresh food and information that can help us to change our lives … yet many of us just DON’T use the tools. Life gets in the way. Convenience is just too … convenient. Instead we live each day, determining to change our lives on Monday morning, getting more and more toxic and more out of sync.

I know this, because I am there.

I am THAT person.

And I want to change that.

Also, I can’t help but feel interested in what would occur if I stopped “not remembering to use what I know” and instead brought EVERYTHING together in some crazy  immersion experience.

There are elements of this immersion that I’ve used regularly before (such as high energy raw food, daily intention setting, visualisation and gratitude) but I’ve never used them all in sync. For six intense weeks. In a period of time that all of the planets are moving in the same direction (I’m not sure what impact this has, but my friend Liz pointed it out the other day and so I’m throwing a happy coincidence in for good measure).

Here are the different elements that are going to make up the next 42 days (starting tomorrow):

High energy, full chi food. This involves six weeks of eating nothing but raw, vegan food using the Online Vitality Detox with Saskia Fraser.  I completed one of Saskia’s detoxes about six years ago. It was incredible. The shedding that takes place happens on many levels and whilst it isn’t exactly *easy* at first, once you get into the rhythm of raw food, you feel utterly amazing. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that after doing Saskia’s 6 Week Raw Food detox in 2011, I felt the best I’ve ever felt in my whole life.

Pure hydration. The raw food detox means that caffeine, alcohol and any other processed beverage are out of the picture. Instead I am going for pure, liquid hydration in the form of 2 litres of glass bottled mineral water daily. With a twist. But I’ll tell you about that another day.

Hatha Yoga and Pranayama. I’ve signed up for a 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Do Yoga With Me.  

Conscious gratitude. This is probably the most simple tool and yet has the most ground-breaking, life-enhancing benefits. I’ve come up with some funny and innovative ways to make sure that gratitude is embedded into various points of the day.

Focused creative visualisation and intention setting. Where we focus, our energy goes – yet how often do our thoughts run away with us and we find ourselves focusing on negativity? After my recent brush with anxiety, I am well up for retraining my focus and – whilst remaining aware of life’s potholes – focusing on them enough to avoid them only. Again, I have ways to make this fun, colourful, playful and  engaging.

Presence. Implementing this practise daily is a core part of the programme. It’s being fully present in the moment that stops overwhelm, increases my energy and is true living (in my eyes). I want to make this an ongoing experience as much as I can. Again, I have come up with some juicy, cool ways to have this happen.

I expect you’ve heard of all of the practices outlined above.

I expect, like me, you’ve used them and loved them and then forgotten about them in the mad roller-coaster of daily living.

To be fair, as a package, the 6 Week Gorgeousness Energetics Programme doesn’t sound THAT arduous does it? It’s not EXACTLY a vomit-inducing funfair ride or jumping out of an aeroplane … but as a combined experience over 42 days, I’m expecting to take my mind/body and spirit into territory that makes my tummy fizzle.

So, darling reader, happy Sunday.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.

Now, I am going to return to my Moment, the pause before the carriage moves, the sky-dive instructor gives me a nudge and tomorrow’s great, exhilarating, wonderful, OMG, blood-curdling LEAP happens.

Goodnight. xxx

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