Things I Don’t Understand about Contraception

1. I don’t know why I feel so resistant to taking it. After all, these are the only side effects that I could experience;

Mood changes, decreased sex drive, headache, nausea, acne, irregular periods, weight increase, infection of vagina, difficulties in wearing contact lenses, vomiting, hair loss, painful periods, ovarian cysts, tiredness, rashes, hives, painful blue-red skin lumps, higher risk of deep vein Thrombosis and breast cancer.

Obviously there’s a very obvious side effect of NOT taking the pill, so I guess the “choice” is mine.

2. I don’t understand why pill making companies such as Bayer Healthcare, are still developing more – sometimes dangerous – pills to control women’s bodies when we already have …

Brevinor, Cilest, Femodene, Femodene ED, Femodette, Katya,  Loestrin 20, Loestrin 30, Logynon, Logynon ED, Marvelon, Mercilon,  Microgynon 30, Microgynon 30 ED, Norimin, Norinyl-1, Ovranette, Ovysmen,  Qlaira, Sunya, Synphase, TriNovum, Triadene, Cerazette, Femulen,  Micronor, Norgeston, Noriday

And lets not forget that beside pills we’re also offered implants, injections, patches, IUDs and IUSs (I won’t go into the side effects of these).

3. But mostly I don’t understand why millions of pounds are poured into pills that have our bodies, cycles and hormones totally manipulated, messed up and sometimes destroyed to halt inconvenient pregnancies when all that’s been developed for men are are …

* Condoms (albeit some are coloured, ribbed and flavoured. VERY impressive.)

* The snip (which let’s face it – is all bit final and few women would ask their man to consider as a casual birth control method).

1 in 3 women in the UK take the Pill. Multiple forms have been on the market since the 60s and yet here we are in 2012 and a male version still isn’t available. Perhaps the men in white coats working in their little labs have forgotten that it takes two to tango or perhaps they just secretly value the natural functionality of their gonads?

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