The Merriest Of Christmas Wishes!

Ahhh! The happiest, merriest Christmas wishes my darling friends!

I cannot believe it is TODAY.

We’ve had so much fun building up to this wild, crazed, belly bloating time of the year …

Such as collecting holly for hall decking (accompanied by a grumpy mud-bottomed boy)!

Witnessing some lost Santa’s desperately trying to get back to Greenland …

Slipping out on the longest night for an hour of magic making … mwahahahahaaha!

Walking, walking in the wilds …

Dragging two unbeknown hippies up to the Longstone on Winter Solstice …

Decorating the stones with white and yellow flowers to help summon back the Sunshine Days …

Christmas #Elfies with my girl …

Concocting Intentional Labels for glass bottled spring water (for my post Xmas Energetic/Gorgeousness Bootcamp) …

And also, on the 23rd my beautiful Granddad’s funeral.

Which was deeply sad, but also bursting full of his full-hearted, love-infused, arm-squeezing spirit of Love.

The next day – Christmas Eve – some of my family and I went rambling through Storm Barbara to the Fluffy Mountain.

And then it was Christmas day!


Awoken at Ridiculous-O’clock in the morning (not by the 2 year old, but by the 11 year old).

This was us … and Fern the Elf.

And a happy Pix …

And a gobsmacked with joy Roo …

Then a Christmas feast, with my wonderful mum, step-father, step-sister and all of the others.

But where is my beloved Ads in all of this?

Well – I’m not sure. I mean – he WAS there. He just didn’t get caught in any photos.

I would go and take one now, but he’s soaking in the bath with Reid (whilst convincing him not to pour bubblebath on his head).

And whilst he is doing that, I I decided it was important to take a moment and say Happy Christmas to all of you.

I was just thinking that I began this blog in January 2009

Can you believe that? It all started nearly 10 years ago!

I’m 100% sure those of you who still peek in know how thankful I am to know you’re there (and that I am not talking to myself all these years on).

In fact, I could never thank you enough for being a part of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness … but thank you.

I am sure you still have lots of places to go and lots of people to see over the next few days.

Whatever you are up to, I hope you are safe and warm and happy!

May you have the most beautiful , blessed and merriest Christmas ever.



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