Human beings are a “growing” species. We have an inbuilt natural urge to direct our lives towards greater success and fulfilment. The challenge is that whilst many people know what they want, most have no idea how to get there. Alternatively, limiting beliefs about who we are, what we are capable of and what is possible, act as internal glass ceilings that prevent us from succeeding.

Bethan Christopher’s coaching packages, whether 1-1 or within a group setting, will empower you with the tools and strategies to overcome your limitations and guide you towards growing the life and success that you deserve.

1-1 Coaching Programmes

“I’ve just started a new business/venture and prefer one on one coaching.”  

“I need to create massive change in my relationships, finances, health, career or sense of personal fulfilment.”

“I have a fresh vision for my life and I want to make it a reality.”

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Team Coaching Programmes

“I want my upgrade my business success and this means arming my team with tools to sharpen their game and hit their targets.” 

“I need to revive, reconnect and reenergise my employees.”

“I need a seminar to help inject my people with fresh motivation and a positive attitude to change.”  

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Testimonials Received

  • "Following Bethan's Goal Mapping day, brand new opportunities have started showing up in my life. Bethan has a wonderful way of bringing the best out in you in a "real" way. She has been where you are and speaks authentically from the heart. This not only allows you to feel that change can happen but is in fact your very right. The tools she uses make perfect sense. Your blinkers fall away and you are able to then see your life with true clarity. I cannot wait to see what my next progression is going to be. Heartfelt thanks."

    Catherine Dodd
    Catherine Dodd
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