The Shop Inside The Bauble

If you found yourself gazing through a magical bauble on an enchanted Christmas tree, what would you hope to see? I’d imagine a little shop that held the most fantastic treasures. If you looked into an iridescent glass sphere and were invited to slip inside, would you take a journey and explore the treasures and treats held there?

Yesterday, on the Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year – Pix, Roo and I did just that.

We transformed a wild, wet blustery morning into a journey to a place ruled by an Enchanted Candy Floss Machine.


It is true. Read on and you’ll see how.

The bauble in questions was called Random Remnants.

Craft and Candy … for the soul.

The House of Bethan

Random Remnants is a treasure filled wonderland …. The shelves are stacked high with the sort of treats that you would only find in the faery realms or perhaps in Father Christmas’ workshop.

Look at Roo’s face!

That’s the face of a boy about to dive into magic.

The House of Bethan

This shop of crystallised gorgeousness belongs to Abigail Rendell, in the Victorian town of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. Should you decide to visit the place betwixt the sea and the downs and peer through the looking glass ball, you will find Abigail and her beautiful smiling face. Her personality matches her place so perfectly ….

The House of Bethan

Such a kind, nurturing soul is Abigail (who I’ve known since Pix was wee). She has the perfect eye for the treats and gifts that she fills her shop shelves with.

The House of Bethan

You can tell that everything in this place has been arranged and displayed with love. And everything has been made by hand and love too. Local artists and makers rent these little shelves, you see. One-of-a -kind pieces  that make up every piece of that puzzle that intrigues the eye, the finger tip and the creative spirit. They all live here, cosied up together, under the watchful eye of Flossie the Enchantress and the elusive Candy Man.

The House of Bethan

Whilst Pix and Roo’s little eyes wandered hungrily looking at jars of sweets and stuffed owls and treasure boxes, I crept along slowly studying timeless things; things that do not fit the mold of  any fad or trend and could not be found anywhere else in this world.

The House of Bethan

Not the sort of place you can enjoy in a big hurry. Especially with cushions like this catching your eye …

The House of Bethan

Turning around to ask Abigail about the artists you stocked her bauble, my eye suddenly caught something else …

The shimmer of silver …

The cool, coldness of elfin metal …

“Pix,” I tried to utter, pointing at the machine. “Roo – look.”

But it came out as nothing but a little mumble.

And just like in my workshops, when struck with Brain-Bird fever, once again I was lost for words.  You see there, just next to the Candy Man’s dresser the Enchantress was standing; Flossie – the Candy Floss Machine.

Utterly star struck, I was!

Didn’t know what to say …

I’ve heard so much about Flossie, you see.

Seen her in pictures. Known about her for so long. Yes, that’s right. She is quite famous around the winding zig-zag roads of this enchanted little town. She makes mysterious appearances at weddings and fetes and possibly naming days and christenings. Rather like a kind fairy godmother appearing in a cloud of glitter and sparkle, she brings her magic and angel hair strands of deliciousness.

The House of Bethan

Finally, I found my voice, but in that moment there was a flurry at the door. Another customer stepped over the threshold, into the bauble world!

“Mum, you need to pay for my sweets,” piped up Roo, who had happily filled a bag with treats galore and unlike Pix, had no pennies. Unfortunately nor did I.

(If you go to shops that exist inside magical baubles on enchanted Christmas trees, they rarely have card machines).

“Don’t worry,” laughed Abigail with her gorgeous gentleness and calm. “Pop it in later.”

I kept the magic of Random Remnants and the Candy Man with me for the rest of the day – as though some of the Enchantress’ magic had replaced the busy thoughts of organising last minute Christmas things. Instead of doing what I had to do, I came home, lit a fire and doodled away the hours. At 3pm I called Ads and asked him to stop at the bauble shop and pay Abigail her money (the wind was wild and the rain hammering down outsides and I was inflicted with true laze – the peril of cosiness).

“Oh and Ads?”

“Yes babe?”

“Can you get me a bag of chocolate éclairs please? It was my plan earlier to buy them before but then I got all distracted.”

An hour or so later Ads arrived back, full of jelly beans excitement and sprinkles.

“I had no idea that Abigail had a candy floss machine!” he whooped, practically flying into the kitchen like Peter Pan. “You can do much with flavoured sugars; cardamom and caramel … Madagascan vanilla … lemongrass, chilli and ginger and you could even make elderflower!”

As he continued to tell me about all of the wonderful flavours and inventions you can whip up with candyfloss, I kept trying to interrupt him;


“Ahem, Adam?”

Eventually he paused, mid sentence, “Sorry, what was that babe?”

“Did you bring me my éclairs?”

He slapped his cheeks with the palms of both hands and stared up to heaven. “Oh babe. I knew there was something I forgot. I just got so excited about that candy floss machine …”

I nodded and smiled to myself. So Ads had been captured by Flossie too. Which means, I suppose, that I will have to return to the Random Remnants bauble of magic today, get my OWN sweets … and possibly have another look at that cushion …

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