At Sarah’s House

Christmas is upon us! Busy, crazy, wonderful days. This year I’ve been so preoccupied with getting the Gorgeousness Programme off the ground, preparing websites and planning a variety of new programmes for 2014 that I have hardly even noticed The Day creeping closer. But then, about a week ago I kind of tumbled into the festive fever like Alice falling down the rabbit hole …

The festivity crept into my bones. Suddenly I have found myself making felt birds for the tree with the children; paper chains for hallways; sitting at a kitchen table that is covered in Sharpies, stars, sparkles, wrapping paper, luggage tags, embroidery thread and scissors. Every time I go into town – which is usually to go and see Ads – I find myself having to slip into a different shop. This one …

The House of Bethan

It is called At Sarah’s House and I LOVE it.

The House of Bethan

Step over the threshold and you are transported out of the usual glitzy Argos version of Christmas and into a place of house elves, creativity, baking and the drawing and baskets full of treats.

The House of Bethan

Secret surprises for friends and children.

The House of Bethan

Its the sort of shop that people who like to wrap their presents in brown paper with thick ribbons and glittery sparkles and raffia and luggage tags should make a point of visiting when in the Victorian seaside town of Ventnor.

The House of Bethan

I have been busy  making a very secret set of … somethings … for some of my nearest and dearest and most cherished. I’m not going to say any more about what I’ve made because some of those people may peek into this blog, but I have been regularly collecting bits and bobs from this shop to embellish my creations.

The House of Bethan

Everything in here is abundant – a visual banquet of colour and taste and gorgeousness.

The House of Bethan

And there is always a mouth-watering smell of baking in the air. If you follow your nose, which is pretty much impossible not to in here, you’ll be led past the baskets and forest berries and a cheerful Gingerbread Man …

The House of Bethan

… through this little passageway ….

The House Of Bethan

… into a delightful tea room with treats galore.

On each of the tables is a gorgeous chunky jar with a piece of rustic rope knotted around the top and a display of mysterious red lilies in each.

It was these jars that took me into Sarah’s House again yesterday as I want one for my living room. Except I’m thinking dusky red hydrangeas are going to go in mine. When I was paying, Sarah happened to mention she would be having a snow machine here this coming Saturday.

Which means I’m going to return here, with the children, for another festive visit.

V V unfortunate.

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