Running = Flipping Amazing!

Just wanted to say …

running = flipping amazing.


ONE: It highlights massive C-3PO tendencies.

When I run see how divish my mind is. The bod will be steaming along, feet all slip-slap, slip-slap. The lungs are breathing regularly, in- out, in-out, all-good, all-good. The arms are moving at a nice little rhythm forwards-backwards, forwards-backwards. Like R2D2 it just does what it needs to do – no moaning.

All in all quite lovable.

And then there is the mind.

The C-3PO.

“Ergh, ergh, this is so exhausting. Egh, my legs hurt. Ergh, it feels so horrible panting. Ergh, egh …!”

In the past I have listened to my C-3PO tendencies and bought into what it has said. I’ve thought, “yeah you are right and you know what? If I turned back now I could be home in ten minutes. Feet up. Nice cup of tea.”

And then I’ve done it! I’ve actually turned around and gone home.

But thankfully not any more. Some time ago I was entertaining 3-CPO’s whinges when I thought HANG ON. I then decided to actually check in on what my R2D2 body was feeling. I checked my legs and feet … slip-slap, slip-slap. Then I’d check my lungs. In-out, in-out. Yep, all okay. Arms? Check. All good.

And that’s when I realised my body is actually okay. She likes running. It’s my mind that is a complete doof, telling me to go back when really all is good. Trust in the body. The body is good.

Two: It energizes.

When I start most jogs the C-3PO bit of my mind immediately points out that I’m too tired, too over run and too stiff to go any further.  I ignore this. Then I get to the bend in the road and The Hill.

I take that back.

It isn’t a hill.

It’s a coiling, shooting upwards ribbon of tarmac that should be renamed The Beanstalk.  R2D2 immediately kicks in, but even his battery power doesn’t cut it and by the time I’ve hit the National Speed Limit sign, my engine has died. I then walk to the top of The Beanstalk and start running again at the top. I run up the road, along the track and through the fields.

Why am I telling you this?

Because it happens the SAME way each time.

I get to the farm, turn the corner and WHOOOOOOOOOSHHHHHH!

SUCH an amazing feeling, Beauty-Full One!

I love it.

Suddenly I am limitless, capable of anything and everything.

Self doubt, tiredness, frustrations of the day and worries are dissolved.

I run and my mind soars. So good …

By the time I get home my eyes and hair are wild, all tangled with love and the wind. My mouth is grinning and I’m buzzing with life. That night I sleep like a log, deep and restful and peaceful and I know that tomorrow I will have generated more energy to live, love and run some more.

THREE: It is the closest thing to Jedi Training

I’ve learnt that …

* Running is such a simple act, yet in its simplicity there is Bruce Lee-style dicipline.

* My 3-CPO self -sabbotage voice can be overcome and released.

* The more we run over the same ground, the more tolerent we become to it. To develop ourselves physically, emtoionally, mentally and socially we have to keep stretching ourselves and pushing our comfort zones.

* Whilst running you can make like a kid and pretend to be a super hero. My hero of choice has always been Alice from Resident Evil. Have a bit of a girl crush on Alice. (Ads just bought me the whole box set! Feel so blessed!!)

* Life/running requires focus and grim determination. You can always turn back if you let yourself and that’s cool if you want to. Or you can push forward to completion and feel that sense of triumph and achievement.

* It’s one thing to make progress when all is good and you are in your second wind, but the real strength comes when you are desperate to stop, but push yourself on that tiny bit further.

* Cheesy music can help more than you know.

* Even if you run through July monsoon puddles as quickly as Alice would, your feet still get wet.

Running = Flipping Amazing.

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