For Gorgeousness didn’t come in a bolt of lightening. It has grown and developed over many years. As a young adult Bethan was acutely aware of the way women are objectified in western culture. Witnessing the impact this was having on her friends, she studied the way in which media, the psychology behind beauty advertising, air brushing and celebrity role models all have a powerful part to play in creating impossible images of ideal beauty that women then desperately try to reach. She discovered that for many women, our sense of worth has become determined by how successfully we reach these ideals.


Of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness was finally triggered in 2008 following the murder of Bethan’s brother. Prior to this Bethan’s work had taken her from children’s fiction to personal development, where she had begun coaching and writing for one of the UKs leading personal development companies. On her return from Bueno Aires where her brother had been killed, she kept asking herself one question over and over; “If it was me who had only six months left to live, what message would I want to leave behind?”

She then encapsulated this message in a series of handmade, handwritten pages illustrated with water colour and ink.


Of the book was for the reader to take back the reigns of their beauty and begin to value their worth, not based on how they look as a physical object, but who they are being and what they bring to the world. Grow Your Own Gorgeousness wasn’t about plastering on make up to try and cover up something you perceive as flawed. It was about building and expressing the beauty of your individuality and gifting that to the world.

Based on her experience of the publishing industry, Bethan knew that GYOG would not fit into the criteria of the book-market, however she was determined to release Gorgeousness into the world. She learnt how to bind books and began hand making copies for friends and family, then before long was inundated with orders from people all over the world.


Of championing a handmade book with a message that contradicted every conventional billboard, TV advert and magazine cover sent Bethan spiralling into a personal journey into her own self esteem. However, In 2011 Grow Your Own Gorgeousness was printed in paperback. Later that year it was featured in the Times Educational Supplement and following this, featured in Elle Magazine. Since that time the concept has been developed into an educational Gorgeousness Programme, empowering students with personal development tools to redefine themselves and realign with high self-esteem and positive body narrative.

Building in energy and momentum, Bethan aims to have the Gorgeousness Programme available in every UK school, as well as practitioners and a global root system of coaches made up of women and girls by 2020. If you are interested in Bethan bringing the Gorgeousness Programme to your school, please check out her programmes or email for more information.

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