What is Gorgeousness? Where does it come from? How can you cultivate it and what happens when you do?

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Books, tools and programmes to transform body image and get your Gorgeousness growing.  and get your Gorgeousness growing.

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Experiential packages to help students redesign beauty, shift negative body image, foster resilience and improve self esteem

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Photo by Abbie Davies


For Gorgeousness didn’t come in a bolt of lightening. It has grown and developed over many years. As a young adult Bethan was acutely aware of the way women are objectified in western culture. Witnessing the impact this was having on her friends, she studied the way in which media, the psychology behind beauty advertising, air brushing and celebrity role models all have a powerful part to play in creating impossible images of ideal beauty that women then desperately … 

What people say about Grow Your Own Gorgeousness

  • I bought three copies of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness - one for me, one for my sister and a friend who is suffering from anorexia. On her second admission to hospital I took the book along and we read a bit together. I left it with her and it had a huge part in her getting better. It was the perfect gift and your words made a change and I just wanted you to know.

     Lauren F
    Lauren F
  • If you're feeling deflated about yourself and want to read something that is inspirational and will make you look at the bigger picture, I highly recommend this book. I read Grow Your Own Gorgeousness in a matter of days and I'm glad I did. I've found that since reading it and having time to reflect I've become more self-accepting and less critical. I look at the things I really like about my body, face and style and am starting to like myself more and more.

    Bailey B
    Bailey B

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