The Gorgeousness Programme

for Secondary Schools


In a world immersed in visual media, where stick-thin models are used to sell everything from cars to washing powder, teenage girls are under increasing pressure to achieve an unattainable physical perfection. Exposed to more images of “ideal beauty” in one day than their great-grandmothers were in a lifetime, low self esteem caused by body image is becoming increasingly destructive. According to the Dove Real Beauty Campaign:
Over 60% of girls avoid certain activities because they feel bad about their looks.
19% won’t try out for a team or club
23% won’t go to the beach or pool
13% won’t give an opinion
15% won’t go to school
63% of girls would rather be a men's magazine model than a doctor, teacher or nurse
Research shows that girls and young women develop low self-esteem from hang-ups about their looks often fail to reach their full potential in life. The Gorgeousness Programme has been developed as a positive intervention for secondary schools looking to create arm their pupils with a resilient relationship with themselves and their bodies.  This dynamic and highly inspirational workshop leaves students excited about their own unique brand of gorgeousness that can be cultivated irrespective of age, looks and academic ability.


The Secondary Gorgeousness Programme is a unique, preventative package that has been developed to combat the issue of low self esteem caused by body image. Utilising sound principles of NLP, CBT and accelerated learning, the programme empowers young women the skills and knowledge to shift their inner narrative and develop self esteem confidence in who they are as opposed to how they look. The package is made up of three parts:
  • STUDENT PROGRAMME: 1 x full day Gorgeousness workshop followed by 5 x 120 minute weekly workshops for girls in Key Stage 3 and 4. This is followed by an awards event steered by participants.


  • PARENT PROGRAMME: 1 x 120 minute Gorgeousness workshop to raise parent’s awareness around their own self-esteem and tackle negative body narrative.


*Free access to an online Gorgeousness e-course, helping parents to tackle their own body image and self esteem issues, as well as supporting their children by creating a positive body culture within the home.

  • TEACHER PROGRAMME: 1-1 Training and coaching for in-house staff members to become Practitioners of the Secondary Gorgeousness Programme.
*Teachers are also be provided with FREE access to the online Gorgeousness e-course giving them the opportunity to participate in a conversation about the beauty ideals of our culture and how these can impact the way they feel and the actions they take. Users of the e-course will be given tools to identify their own values and unique “gorgeousness” and create their own Gorgeousness Brand that creatively captures their confidence and worth and from which to start lifting their own self esteem.


  1. Extended training for pupils who are interested in becoming 1-1 Gorgeousness Mentors/Coaches/Speakers and creating a positive shift in the world of body image and self esteem.
  2. School resources to support in-house 1-1 Gorgeousness Coaching/Mentoring system.


Pupils learn to:

  • Recognise how self esteem, body image and feelings affect their actions
  • Develop confidence, resilience and success for their academic lives
  • Raise aspiration and challenge sterotypes
  • Participate in designing, creating and empowering others with a new beauty ideal
  • Tackle negative self esteem and resulting issues such as eating disorders, self-harm, substance misuse, underage and unsafe sex and depression
  • Gain greater clarity about what makes them unique and special
  • Value themselves and their bodies, resulting in healthier habits and choices
  • See how they can make a positive difference in the world by becoming a 1-1 Gorgeousness Mentor/Coach

Parents are encouraged to:

  • Develop a healthier relationship with their own body image
  • Recognize how the media affects their children’s self esteem
  • Participate in creating a new beauty ideal
  • See the importance of body image for young people
  • Experience greater body confidence and self belief
  • Value themselves and their bodies, resulting in healthier habits and choices

Teachers are supported in:

  • Understanding the importance of body image in adolescents 
  • Using resources that help pupils question the media images they are exposed to
  • Developing a healthier relationship with their own body image
  • Delivering an extended version of the Primary Gorgeousness Programme by becoming a certified Gorgeousness Programme Practitioner
  • Spear-heading in-house 1-1 Gorgeousness Coaching/Mentoring 
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