Goal Mapping Workshops for Teachers


Falko Rheiberg, a researcher in Germany, studied school teachers with different mindsets. Some of the teachers had the fixed mindset – they believed that students entering their classes with different achievement levels were deeply and permanently different. But other teachers practiced the growth mindset – focusing on the idea that all children could develop their skills. In the latter classrooms it didn’t matter whether students started the year in the high or low ability group. Both ended the year way up high. The group differences had disappeared under the guidance of teachers who taught for improvement, for these teachers had found a way to reach their “low ability students”.

The Goal Mapping teacher INSET focuses on developing a “growth” mindset in the classroom. This can then be tailored to focus on the goals of the institution as a whole or drill down into the individual targets of teaching staff within the classroom environment. Participants will explore their own success mindset, as well as different approaches to teaching and experiment with new techniques to create a success culture in the classroom.

It is a superb way to inspire staff and keep them engaged and motivated any time during the school year.


Afull day Goal Mapping workshop demonstrating the foundation principles of the Goal Mapping technique. During the workshop, teaching staff will learn about the natural goal-setting function of the mind, how the subconscious and conscious work together and understand the brain and its two hemispheres. They will be introduced to the science behind positive thinking and goal-focused narrative in a supportive, nurturing and challenging learning environment.


Goal Mapping is a unique creative goal setting strategy that utilizes analytical word orientated left brain and the creative visual right brain, to direct individuals, teams and organizations towards self-set targets. It has successfully been used from the corporate boardroom to education classroom by more than 1 million people around the world and continues to grow. Its core principles are based on NLP, CBT, the latest scientific understanding of thought processes and positive thinking in relation to success.


  • Tried and tested method that has already been delivered to thousands of teachers across the UK.


  • Strategies that can be used for SATs preparation.


  • Additional skills and knowledge ready to be applied in creating a positive, goal orientated classroom culture.
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