Midnight Fox Brooch

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Midnight Fox Brooch

“This collection officially started before I moved to St Lawrence. I began it because we had a little family of foxes that our neighbour would feed at nigh time. I love foxes, particularly their colour. When I visit my father, we’ll often go and visit a family of foxes that he has living in the grasses near his home around dusk time in the summer,” Kat says. “Even though my original fox family were urban, I wanted to give them a beautiful surrounding. Then, when I eventually moved to St Lawrence, my partner and I would take late night walks and go looking for foxes in the grass. We found them!

Usually when I create my brooches, I embroider what I see but in this case I started off with what I WANTED to see and then I DID see it. My favourite thought is of a solitary fox sitting underneath a he sky of stars and the night belonging to him.”


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