Planet Power Street Party – Day 1

Yesterday I watched Ads and the Bees Beach Soccer team play the Super Something-Or-Another Cup.

In between one of the football matches I sneaked off from the shouting and sweating madness to Appley Tower – a gorgeous little place that was built as a folly way back when. Originally created as a little girl’s play house and later a poker room for wealthy Victorian gents, the tower now holds a quirky shop full of crystals, fossils and Mama Juju’s secret gems which you can buy for as little as a quid.

Aside from fossils and semi precious stones, there’s something else you can buy from the Tower.


Crystal readings, card readings, Pyramid readings, Inspiration readings.

“Inspiration readings?” I blurted, interrupting Mrs Appley Tower as she reeled off her offerings.

I knew that this was the one for me.

Moments later, Mr Appley Tower emerged and on hearing that I was after some Inspiration, led me downstairs around to the front of the tower and through an arched, castle-like door. The room inside was  surprisingly warm for a small circular dungeon. The walls were clad in ammonite fossils and the air smelt waxy, like church candles.

“Have a seat,” smiled Mr Appley Tower, pulling out a picnic chair.

“Thank you,” I replied. “I will!”

“Are you sitting comfortably?” he asked once I was perched.

“I am.”

“Good,” he smiled, taking out a pack of home-made paper cards. “Then I will begin.”



I’m not going to say what came out of the Inspiration reading, because hearing about other people’s readings is about as boring as looking at 2500 photographs that your mum wants to show you from her holiday in Peru. And I’m not cruel like that. So.

But what I am going to tell you is of a side-conversation we had about a planetary power phase we are entering NOW.

Today there is a full moon at exactly 11.11am. Because a full moon is at its peak, the waning that follows is a great time to release anything negative that is holding you back; negative thoughts, feelings, people, baggage etc. I’ll show you one way of doing this in a sec.

But first, guess what else? Not only is the full moon happening today, but on Tuesday June 5th, Venus begins her transit across the sun.

This is a rare and Herstoric journey across the burning disk of our all-powerful parent star. The feminine planet of Gorgeousness will grace the face of sun and appear as a small black dot on Wednesday. Pretty much NOBODY alive today will have another chance to witness the transit of Venus, as the laws of orbital mechanics do not bring the planets into position again until December 2117.

Have a Google and you will find all sorts of interpretations as to what will happen on an energy and consciousness level as this cosmic event occurs. My personal belief is that if we choose to let it, Venus can let us power up our Gorgeousness. In the same way that when you leap into a cold ocean, all the oxygen and nutrients in your blood are drawn into your vital organs, so your energy and power will be drawn into your vital self. If you hold that intention.

Our ability to create our lives through our thoughts and actions will increase tenfold. If we hold that thought.

What we choose to focus on will become of paramount importance. If we believe it.

Like I said. This is just what I am choosing to believe.

And I’ve made it all up.

BUT  I am cordially inviting you to add a bit of this belief into YOUR belief, then mix it up and quaff it down. Or shrug it off and call it bullshit … whatever works for you. I will keep loving you anyway!

But for those of you who want to play in this Power Planet Street Party, how about we use this phase to electrify our dreams, creativity, magical healings and vibrant Gorgeousness?

Here’s what you could do for The Big Moon Day … Oh, you’ll need to pop in tomorrow for what to do on Venus’ Departure Across the Sun. For each day though, you WILL NEED a Chinese Lantern ( which could be a nightmare to get your hands on as its bank holiday. If you can’t get some then just write the stuff on paper and then set fire to it outside until it turns to ash. Note: Neighbours may talk).

OK. Ahem.

At some point today get your hands on a Chinese lantern and write on it everything you want to let go of; fears, guilt, blame, anger, shame, rotten past experiences, beliefs that don’t serve you like “I’m not good enough”, pieces of identity that are outgrown and no longer fit. Partners that hurt you, friends that perhaps don’t treat you well, things people have said and sights that haunt you. Illnesses, diseases, pains. Add on anything that you’d like to release from this beautiful Mama Juju that we live on; war, inequality, negative branding, manipulation, poverty.

Alternatively maybe you want to let someone go who had died, or is no longer part of your life. You could write their name and all your blessings for them on the lantern.

Put it all onto your lantern and then at some point today – preferably at 11.11am – or later this evening when it gets dark, let it go.

Let it all go with the moon.

Let your intention be – letting it go.

And then just let go.

Let it all go.




PS. I’m sorry if this post comes across as a little bit rushed. The truth is that it IS rushed. I’m currently lying in bed writing it at a million miles an hour, whilst wondering where on earth I can get a lantern from (to set off by 11.11am). This is made slightly more complicated by the fact that a Potential Buyer ACTUALLY wants to buy this house and is coming around with a surveyor (his father) at 10.15am. AND I haven’t done the dishes yet.

So, hopefully when you come back tomorrow to get your gorgeous Venus Transit Street Party Plans, it will alllll be much more serene and harmonious. In the meantime massive love to you, beautiful reader. Have yourself a gorgeous day.  xxx

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