November In Review


Strange month.

Firework night stitches closed the gorgeous season of autumn. Christmas glitters like a magical island on the horizon of December.

Poor November is sandwiched in between, with the frigid glamour of an old spam sandwich.

This year I was all about loving up November. On our return from Sicily, I deliberately kept the month pretty clear. The plan was to spend time resting, eating well and strengthening my body through a programme with my personal trainer. There were some business ends that needed tying up, but all in all, the November theme was one of leisure and well being.

What November ACTUALLY had in store for me, was quite different.

Like a delinquent middle child, this naughty month decided to stitch itself with a four week emotional mine-field with my teenage daughter.

Trust me … this wasn’t JUST a bumpy ride.

This was Lara Croft skidding past avalanches and pole jumping over sink holes.

On top of teen hell, I got ill TWICE. The second lurgie lasted ten days and is still sucking the blood from my energy well like a leech with a meal ticket.

On top of THAT, a little puppy that we are adopting from Portugal fell ill and nearly died. He’s due to come to us in January and is still in doggy-hospital now. Each day (from my pit of illness) I’ve sent him distant love and snuggles and am praying to the Dog Gods that he’s going to be okay. His name is Tennyson.

Strangely, despite November rebelling and deciding to play up and demand attention, it has also been the most magical, glorious, colourful, wonderful month as well.

Loads of amazing things have happened.

For example, because I’ve been ill and stuck in the house, I have started writing a novel that’s been tugging on my jumper for nearly two years. I am on Chapter 5 and am around 20,000 words in. I’ve also read loads of wonderful books on alchemy and magic and love and life.

The rest of the gorgeousess I caught in photographs … so scroll down if you fancy a gander.

I hope your November was a pleasurable beauty. xxx

I found a bear.

Saw stunning sunsets.

Did bonfire night with friends.

Wrote Christmas cards and read gorgeous magazines by the fire.

Used the last of the glitter in our craft box to make Christmas cards with Reid.

In our “waving goodbye to plastic” house adventure, there’ll be no more glitter going on ever again.

Now glitter and shine will live in the realm of sun on the sea and stars in the sky.

Walking up mythical mountains with the boy.

Frequented this lovely tea room with friends on a number of occasions.

Made raw, sugar free chocolate truffles with this one.

Prepped up for my December Challenge of non-complaining.

I’m sure I’ll be reporting back on how it goes.

Just for the record, I hated the book. I wanted to burn it as I read it.

However, I am up for attempting 21 days of verbalising only what I can change and am prepared to.

I think it’s going to be a challenge and potentially life changing – and if nothing else, is going to make me very pleasant to live with over Christmas!

A trip to the New Forest on Wightlink ferry and feeling shocked at how many single use plastic items that they use.

Feeling like I need to write them a letter or create some sort of online petition to ask the company to take responsibility for the sea on which it’s ferries float.

More stunning sunsets in beautiful Ventnor.

Repotted all of the house plants and getting my hands dirty in the soil.

Planting out bulbs for the spring.

This month I had the pleasure of attending drum journeys and sound journeys. Every time I left those sessions I felt realigned, reloved and reenergised. It’s what kept me sane during the ups and downs of the month. I also began my own daily drumming practice with my own drum – Drum Woman. I made her earlier this year with Dragon Isle Drums.

Snuggled with this one, who also got ill.

Stitched together pages of trashy paper-back novels to create non-plastic wrapping paper for my Christmas gifts.

The stitching was lovely and relaxing …

And here were the finished packages!

Wishing you a lovely month ahead … and please send some loving, healing thoughts to my Tennyson pup.

Here he is before he got poorly.

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