Moon-day Mindset – Kali The Goddess of PMT

Last week, I was having a bit of a melt down. Don’t think it helped that I had my period.

Sorry if anyone is choking on their cereal after that.

But seriously.

We all know what we’re juggling in our lives at the best of times can suddenly become amplified by a bazillion when the old hormone-shormones kick, right?

I think that the Hindus created the Goddess Kali as a way of understanding women’s PMT. Portrayed as a ferocious crazy woman, Kali has a great red lashing tongue (eek – you know it) and a necklace of men’s skulls (representing past karma/actions). She tramples and dances over Lord Shiva’s body (Shiva represents our consciousness – but I guess could also represent anyone who happens to piss us off).

See what I mean? Kali – Goddess of the Menstrual Cycle.

And Kali is wicked. She’s amazing. She’s our most gorgeous asset, because frankly, she lets us see with wide-eyes what is winding us up, bringing us down, burning us out. She then gives us the PMT POWER to stop whimpering “it’s fine, it’s fine, I can handle it” and infuses us with enough RAHHH to wipe the slate clean, throw the excesses onto the bonfire and generally destroy and make room for creation.

Last week Kali forced me to see that my energy – my vitality – is VITAL TO LIFE.

This vital energy is synonymous with what I express through my creative work, my coaching company, my mumming and my Gorgeousness. Without our vital energy, everything burns out. Like a little candle wick that has run out of wax to fuel it. And part of the reason why I was running on empty was because I didn’t feel I had the time – or energy – to invest in myself.

The Burn Out last week allowed me to stop and reflect and change the way I was looking at things.

Instead of thinking “I need to rest”, I asked myself the power question, “how can I best access high quality, high yield energy?”

Ask yourself that question now, Beauty-Full Gorgeous Bean.

How can I best access high quality, high yield energy?

Let’s see … drink mugs full of coffee, go to bed late, write horrendously long to-do lists, stuff chocolate/carbs and drink wine to wind down?

Er … nope.

In our hearts and souls we know that to feel our best, vital, energized and gorgeous we need to access energy through HIGH QUALITY sleep/rest, HIGH QUALITY, HIGH NUTRITION food, HIGH QUALITY oxygen, HIGH QUALITY exercise and AMPLE, ABUNDANT laughter and fun with gorgeous HIGH QUALITY friends.

This Moon-day, rather than starting the week with … “I am going to give up smoking/ eating sugar/ caffeine blah blah blah” and then screwing it all up at the first hurdle, simply ask yourself the question … “how will I access high quality energy today?”

And before accepting a coffee, a fag, a drink, a TV show over a walk, a bath over an argument, or a positive self-loving thought over a grouchy -I’ve had such a shit day thought –  ask yourself … “will this bring my vital energy up or down?”

And then you are free to choose one way.

Or another.

You gotta’ love freedom.

You gotta’ love choice.

And you gotta’ love YOU.

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