Monday Mindset – 10 Minute Bites

I’ve got a special little exercise for you to try this week.

It is called 10 Minute Bites.

This is perfect if you are finding yourself in a state of overwhelm, (which as a parent, entrepreneur and soulful creative you might be). When we have many roles in life or a tendency to do-too-much and multi-task incessantly our mental energy becomes quite scattered. Our thoughts become turbulent, focusing in on

*what so-and-so said last week

* which child needs a gladiator costume for the school play this week

* what you will do about that order/childcare next week when the holiday starts

* who to delegate this job to

* who is going to ring the scaffolder and explain where the cottage is

* how to get this thing done more

* how to sort out exactly what needs doing for tomorrow

Bluehhh. Any wonder our energy becomes frazzled???!!!

If this is happening to you – and it constantly happens to me – you need to pull your energies back in. You need to consolidate, chick.

A great tool to do this is to only ever think about the next 10 minutes. To do this you literally, work your way through the day in 10 minute bite sized chunks.

The reality is that we DO need to plan and set goals for the future, especially if you are a parent aka. walking time manager/organiser but in truth we only ever have this moment NOW (and possibly the next 10 minutes if we are very blessed.)

By practising on focusing on the next 10 minutes you will pull in your scattered energies. You will become vibrantly connected to the moment. You will stop procrastinating and start setting micro-goals that will actually take you to your larger goals. You will become more productive. Life will feel more real, rather than a dream you are sleep-walking through whilst intellectualizing to yourself.

A great tool. Try it my Gorgeous One.

PS. I just wrote this post in 10 minutes! In the next 10 minutes I need to get to the Post Office, send two letters and a parcel and try not to burn my lips on the GORGEOUS Yorkshire Tea that the beautiful Ads has just made (whilst reminding me that it is black bin-liner week. Shit. Shall have to put that on my 10 Minute Bite to-do-later list).

What are you going to do in the next 10?

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