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The time is up for layers and summer has arrived. Yet if the thought of showcasing your bod in figure revealing clothes brings you out in a hot sweat, don’t panic. You can either slump about your bumpy bits. Or shape up your thinking, celebrate your assets and upgrade your self esteem with Style’s Body Love Summer Plan.


It’s confirmed. Looking in the mirror and seeing yourself positively is the most important start to your day. Studies that use eye-tracking technology show that when people feel unhappy with their appearance, they will automatically focus on their perceived flaws. If you’re guilty of this, make a  conscious effort to focus on parts of your body that you like. This will activate your brain’s reward system, triggering a release of happy, self-love chemicals.


Muffin top, builders bottom or perfect fit? The clothes we wear have a direct impact on the way we feel. If you’ve squeezed into a pair of jeans a size to small, a signal of restriction is sent to your brain. Not only will you feel uncomfortable, but your body image will also take a hit.  If you are a size sinner start wearing clothes the right size, syncing your brain and body with a feeling of being the perfect fit.


Reality is that, people are watching you. Consciously and subconsciously, they are interpreting your movements and making assumptions about who you are. Whatever your size or shape, when you feel confident and ooze high self esteem, your posture, movement and gestures radiate this. This will naturally make you more attractive to others. So, when you are on the beach this summer, make an effort to hold your head up, pull your shoulders back and put a smile on your face. When you see how beautiful you are, everyone else will too.


* Hang out with body champions. When we are around people who are constantly critising themselves their attitudes and behaviours will rub off. Spend time with people who are confident in their skin and you’ll  find yourself following suit.

* Re-label your flaws. When you look in the mirror, think of a new label for your blemish – quirky, different, individual, one of a kind. See your individual features with appreciation and celebration.

* Eat as much fruit and veg as you can. Rather than crash dieting, focus on adding as much vitamin and mineral rich food to your diet as possible. Not only will it make you feel sensational, but it will enrich your cells, your thoughts, your mood and your skin.

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