July/August 2013 Style of Wight Article

Latest July/August Style of Wight article – Passion to Profession.

The House of Bethan

Reality hits: you’re not going to be a large-animal vet in the jungles of Africa (you didn’t go to veterinary school). You aren’t going to star alongside Angie in Hollywood’s next blockbuster (you can’t act). But whilst certain jobs may be unlikely you can still be paid to do what you love.

Pleasure v Profit 

Does your current job stimulate, inspire and energise you? Or do you regularly rehearse resignation scenes in your head? For many people work and pleasure are two separate things, yet research shows that those who feel a sense of purpose and are passion for what they do become happier and wealthier than those who don’t.

The Zest Test 

The average person works one third of their life. By tapping into your passions, whether that is talking, travelling or tango dancing, you can spend your working third having a great time and getting paid for it.

If money was no object, what would you be doing? What books inspire you? Which people inspire you?  What do other people say you do well? What brings back the sort of excitement you felt as a child?

5 Ways To Turn Your Passion into Profession

Once you have firmly established your passion, there are two things that you need to check out: can you deliver a product or service better than it is currently being offered and if so, can you make money from doing it? While you are figuring out how to turn your passion into a profession, don’t quit your day job. Instead, work on the new business on the side until you know it is realistically going to make you a living.

1.Teach your passion to others. This is a great avenue for musicians, singers, artists and writers through private 1-1 and open workshops. 

2.Provide services. Cleaning doesn’t float my boat but it may float yours. Add a USP such as eco friendly products and you have a desirable service that can be sold directly to others.

3.Create videos. Teach others how to do the things you love by making videos and sharing them online. Put them on YouTube and make a simple blog to share your work. When you gather followers you can sign up for their rewards program and translate this into an income.

4.Sell. Soap, bread or wicker baskets, if you make good things you can sell them. Start at local farmers markets or craft fairs then reach out onto the mainland. It’s a great way to make some sales and get started. 

 5.Develop work projects. Connect your passion to your workplace. Eg. If you want to get into catering perhaps volunteer to spend some work time getting catering set up for a work event. If you like art, look for ways to incorporate your art into work projects. 

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