In Case You Didn’t Know About The 2016 Bridging Gap …

“The problem,” declared the woman on the huge white, squashed marshmallow sofa, “is that after Christmas is over, there is nothing to talk about. It’s done. And then people are stuck in that weird space between Christmas and New Year, not knowing what day it is. So we just go out and shop more.”

Watching the “Problems with being British at Christmas” a week before Xmas, it suddenly dawned on me that some people don’t know about the Bridging Gap. Some poor folk have never realised – or utilised – the fresh energetic potential being rested on their lap like a large magical jelly of manifestation in the small gap between Christmas and New Year.

This is so sad.

It’s like being given 3 wishes … but going Sales shopping instead.

For myself (and many of the tribe of conscious women who orbit this planet, sprinkling fairy dust and growing giant beanstalks of goodness), the gap of time between Christmas and Jan 1st is a beautiful spider thread bridge that, if stepped with grace and intention, can plant perfect seeds for a year of momentous gorgeousness.

And this magical tea party of creation doesn’t need to end on Jan 1st like New Year Resolution Pedlars will have you believe.

Creating your year is a little like baking some artisan bread.

It can be savored and relished.

Bit by bit.

Dream by dream.

Throughout all of Jan if you so wish …

It is during this turning of the year that our three Inner Aspects of Gorgeousness – other Inner Artist, Sage and Pro – can form a truly powerful alliance of artisan year baking.

Our spiritual Inner Sage has the space to be still.

Our creative Inner Artist is gifted a moment of breath-taking creative potential as the next 12 months opens before us like a savannah of possibility.

Our Inner Pro salivates and rubs her manicured hands over the brand new calendars, diaries, goal setting tools in a state of organizational perversion.

It is this gentle, gradual, moodling, doodling sort of dream manifestation that I designed the Grow Your Gorgeous 2016 Daybook … a tool for ladies to creatively master the turning of the New Page.

This process begins with the art of Letting Go of 2015. And that is what I am planning on doing tomorrow. I will be whisking AJ, Rowan and Reidy off to a high location where I – and they, if they choose – can release all 2015ness into the salty sea winds and say a heartfelt Bon Voyage to our old family friend, This Year Just Gone.

Then … I’ll be coming home and clearing the decks in my home, before settling down for a spell of Artisan 2016 Baking.

What are your hopes and dreams for this year?

Are you planning on scattering a few New Resolution seeds in the hope that they might take root, or are you going to select your seeds with care and then find ways to nurture and love those seeds into life?

How fun would it be to gather your tribe of sisters and spend an afternoon selecting those seeds and planting them in your lives together? If you can see yourself doing it … with fair traded tea and wholesome wraps and coloured pens … you won’t believe your luck!

Tomorrow, on the last day of the year, I’m going to post everything you need to do just that!

In the meantime, have a wonderful 30th evening of the 12th month in 2015.

Wishing you love and salty sea breezes to fill your lungs and cleanse your soul. XXX

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