Gorgeous Summer In Flash Review

Less than 7 days ago I was crawling around the house like a sloth in a tropical sauna, barely able to move without sweating half my body weight in water. Today the grass in the garden is littered with plate sized brown leaves, the paddling pool (emptied and waiting to be deflated and stored for winter) is now filled with rain water and I’ve spent the afternoon doing downward dogs on a Yoga mat in front of the blazing fire.

Talk about a seasonal 0 to 60 in the blink-of-an-eye.

I’m not sure if it’s just me who failed to realise I was about to be ejected off the end of the endless-summer-day-conveyor belt or if everyone else is reeling equally in the rude-weather-awakening?

Either way, to try and bring some semblance of dignity and self-control back into my life, I thought I’d publish a quick August in Review blog.

* Presses “publish” reluctantly whilst feeling a little like she’s missed the moment*.

As you can see, summer began on a positive note when my gorgeous, trusted hairdresser turned my three year old into Kiniki from Grease.

And a few days later – an early morning rainy selfie, whilst waiting for the holiday taxi to arrive.

The same time the next morning we were here.

Big, blue, open skies.

This place is my soul home.

Shared with three generations of gorgeousness!

Papped a dog.

Took the children to a circus.

Viewed my childhood neighbourhood from the roof of my old home.

Hung out at our natural sandpit at the top of the Fluffy Mountain.

Launched the Gorgeousness Programme Isle Of Wight Road Trip.

Drank some funky teas.

Took Roo to surf lessons with awesome Isle of Wight mobile surf co. Isurf.

Seconds after this photo was taken a random wave checked in and took my flip-flops and IPhone out to sea.

Celebrated with my beloved on the opening of our second restaurant, The Smoking Lobster!

Celebrated Pix’s wonderfully deserved GCSE results with her.

As you can see, I was only a little bit excited and happy for her.

Saw some sunsets.

Went and found the Dragon Tree with my partner in crime.


Last month was filled with so many new beginnings and wrapped up endings. It was a definite bridging month.

Our trip to France reminded me that life feels most fulfilled when it’s at its simplest. Coming back to our lives on the Isle of Wight heralded the launch of the Gorgeousness Programme Road Trip, as well as the new restaurant, the kid’s crazy schedules and back-to-school pressures. And now as the dust settles and the new routines start to integrate, I hope to turn my time and focus towards some rest, rejuvenation and a refilling of the inner wells.

I wish you all a beautiful, relaxed and gorgeous start to the new month.

(Even thought we’re already nearly a third of the way in).

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