Goal Mapping is a unique creative goal setting strategy that utilizes analytical word orientated left brain and the creative visual right brain, to direct you towards your goals and dreams. It has successfully been used from the corporate boardroom to education and the classroom by nearly 3 million people in 30 different countries. Its core principles are based on NLP, CBT, the latest scientific understanding of thought processes and positive thinking in relation to success.


Goal Mapping teaches the skill that all great parents, teachers, CEOs and athletes know; that by utilizing the brain and mindset effectively, an individual can foster learning and nurture the resilience that is the basis of all success and accomplishment. By learning to set goals in an effective whole-brain manner, individuals take immediate ownership of, and develop a sense of responsibility for, their own success.


Goal Mapping, The Success Workshop is a dynamic, highly inspirational workshop for any team or group. This high impact experience helps to individuals to identify how beliefs and mindsets may be affecting performance and how, by clarifying goals into manageable, measurable, achievable steps using the visual right brain hemispheres and organisational left brain structuring, results can be dramatically improved.
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