Gather Your Girls For A Gorgeous 2016 Tea Party!

Darling ones … I have a suggestion of magnanimous gorgeousness for you.

Why not, in this little run up to 2016, gather a group of your most inspired, empowered girlfriends and motivate your Gorgeous 2016 Journey by doing this:



To host a Grow Your Own Gorgeous 2016 tea party or chic soiree is super easy and gives you the chance to relish some co-creation of dreams and visions with some of your best like-minded ladies.

The experience sets a beautiful energy to support and encourage each person who comes, allowing ideas and desires for 2016 to be voiced and any challenges or worries to be talked through.

You can either set up the soiree in your house or apartment …

Or find a comfy, quirky, friendly little café where you can set up camp for a good few hours. This is basically how it rolls:

How easy is that?

Below you’ll find some little invites that I whooshed up. You can right click on these, save to your computer, print on 200g card, fill in and then snail mail to your beloved girlfriends. Simply add the time, date, address and perhaps ask for each person to bring a dish or something yummy.

You could add a printed Grow Your Gorgeous 2016 voucher for each of your sisterhood to download their copy of the 2016 Daybook …

or ask them to order their own.

If you don’t fancy using the Grow Your Gorgeous 2016 Daybook, you could just use the discussion tips further down in this post.

To make sure you are 100% prepared and ready to be the hostess with the mostess, check everything off on this Gorgeousness 2016 Check list.

This is the pre-Daybook Discussion Sheet I mentioned earlier …

And some beautiful Tea Party recipes that Ads came up with especially for your Tea Party guests …

And finally, some gorgeous Thank You cards to celebrate how amazing and wonderful your guests were!

What a wonderful, gorgeous way to complete 2015 and say BONJOUR to 2016.

Should you decide to summon in your next 12 months of gorgeousness with such a flourishing array of treats, I would LOVE to hear how you get on … and see some secret photos if you have any.

Wishing you a wonderful finale to an amazing year.


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