Traditionally, business – and indeed business plans – occupy a predominantly left brain world. Words, lists, analysis, data, management and organization are all functions controlled by the left hemisphere of our thinking machine. And whilst all of these qualities are necessary to build and maintain a business, by relying solely on the left brain we are doing ourselves an injustice.

In a world that is rapidly changing in its climate, economics, technology and communications, we require flexibility, creativity and an ability to vision the next step then take action. All of these qualities are functions of the right brain. By balancing this flexible, vibrant, gestalt path with the left brain traits of structure analysis and organisation we can take giant steps forward within our business or profession.

Creating a business plan that draws on your right brain is simple. All you need to do is collate the information that you would in a traditional business plan, but instead collage and journal it.

For example, on the first page have some fun by creating a collage that displays what your business is about. On the second page create another collage – this time of your mission statement and company purpose. On the third page capture your core values, on the fifth your ideal customers and so on. Not only is this way of visioning and planning fun and out of the ordinary, but it also puts your mind into a gentle state of relaxation and it is during these times that our best ideas, thoughts, inspirations and actions will emerge.

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