The Difference Between A Labyrinth and a Maze

How do you choose a logo for a business brand?

It wasn’t my original intention to use a labyrinth as part of my company branding. In fact the shape was inspired by the cups and rings that I found carved on the standing stones up in Scotland in August last year. The shapes reminded me of a woman, joining her hands above her head. But when I looked at these again more recently, I realised that the image was also symbolic of a labyrinth.

Then I had a Google of labyrinths.

As you do.

And I discovered something that I didn’t know and that felt so gorgeous that I thought I’d share it with you.

There is a fundamental difference between a labyrinth and a maze. With a maze you step inside and there are right and wrong turnings. Take the incorrect path and you come to a dead end and will be temporarily failing. However, with a labyrinth there are no wrong turnings. You will follow paths that wind and meander and sometimes move away from the centre – your goal and destination. However, even when you appear to be moving away you are still on the right track moving forwards.

Labyrinths symbolise stepping onto a (sometimes puzzling) path to discover your core.

Having learnt all of this, I am so pleased and grateful that I’ve used the image in my logo as it completely represents what my workshops and offerings are all about. Also, this week has been mad beyond belief. Has anyone else experienced this?

The House of Bethan

There have been reports to complete, data to input, outcomes to draw out and tricky people to handle. There have been letters to write, emails to send and deadlines crashing in from all angles.

The House of Bethan

There have been workshops. And meetings and phone calls and arrangements to be carried out. And some things have been surprisingly okay and other things surprisingly disappointing.

The House of Bethan

I’ve been having secret fantasies about life balance and just doing nothing and wondering where on earth the greenhouse with the reflexologist is.

I’ve been having some serious self doubt.

Then I take a deep breath and remind myself that through our mind set we design our results. Right now I’m choosing to put on the Labyrinth mind set and reassuring myself there are no wrong turns and even if everything feels a bit mental, the path is the path.

Shit. I actually sound like I’ve gone mad. Ha. But you know what I mean.

Oh – before I go and continue my madness, thank you so much to everyone who liked and commented and shared my post about the Gorgeousness Online Programme. The bid has been sent, the Gorgeousness seeds are planted and now its just a matter of waiting and seeing.

The House of Bethan

Wishing you a lovely week of meandering.

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