Cleanse Your Sanctuary

  Life Design Action: Cleanse Your Sanctuary In Preparation for 2014

Requires: Time, intention, smudge sticks (available from all good hippy shops) or incense, bowl of salt water, candles, a bell (also requires some cleaning products – boo!)


At certain points in the year I do a very special sort of house clean. These special clean-ups go beyond mopping the floor, dusting what is usually dusty and it even goes deeper than rearranging cupboards and drawers. This sort of clean-up is an energetic house “cleanse”. It involves a kind of patchwork ceremony during which the old, stale, negative energies are cleared away and good, happy qualities are brought in.

If you want to Cleanse Your Sanctuary, here’s how …

 The House of Bethan

 You will also need your usual cleaning products but I forgot to add them on.

(Cleaning products just don’t really register on my radar for some reason).

The House of Bethan

Then move on to …

The House Of Bethan

By this point you might be feeling a bit tired, but this is the really good, juicy FUN bit.

(You might need to take a little plate around with you to capture the ash from the incense/smudge stick.  You might also want a good excuse should anyone come and knock on your door as smudge sticks look and smell quite a lot like big, fat joints a little strange.

The House of BethanThen next …

The House of BethanKeep going through each room in the house, repeating this process until …

The House of Bethan


Your Sanctuary is now 100% ready to attract in pure Gorgeousness for 2014!

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