A Wildly Gorgeous (Two) Weeks In Review

The last two weeks have been a wildly unexpected time of ninja change and stealth transformation.

It began with filming the video for the Gorgeousness Programme Online …

Then, an incredible gift landed on my lap. I was given the chance to be a case study for a Sound Therapist in training. This involves 4 weeks of taking a particular issue that is holding me back and using sound and deep inquiry to unlock and transform that issue.


It was amazing. The first session involved a long standing visibility issue that has held back my creative flight for many years.

During the mind blowing session I met my Visibility Saboteur (who – yeah, you guessed it, looked like Darth Vader).

By the time the session was over, Darth was reduced to a small plastic Lego character and the intense fears I held around visibly had gone. This whole thing deserves some serious sharing because I believe that being visible in the world is NOT something that women are socialised to do and is an obstacle that many of us ladies need to dissolve in order to grow our Gorgeousness beyond glass ceilings of fear.

Anyway, info will follow on this so hold on tight.

Got on an aeroplane …

… and came here.

Hung out here …

… and here.

Came back to the rich colours of British autumn …

… and the juicy October harvest.

Ooh – and hung out in the woodlands with this handsome young man!

The truth is that I have got SO MUCH to tell you.

I’m literally bursting at the seams, but I am also working on three projects (including the Grow Your Gorgeous 2017 Daybook, which is going to be epically awesome this year). I am praying, praying, PRAYING to the present moment that I will be gifted some time to sit and share some of the magical strategies, tools and breakthroughs that have been flung onto my lap over the last four months because I believe they will serve YOU beyond belief.

Cross your fingers for me, darling-hearts!


The incredible Sound Journey session I had before my holiday and the one I had on my return.

A five day boot camp in a luxury pad in Portugal – for FREE.

My lovely soul sister, Kerry.

Her Fam.

My Fam.

The  incredible opportunities for growth that life has chucked this way.

Three full days to get some work done this week.


Speed and smoothness and manifestation ease with this week’s work-projects.



Three runs.

Many soups and salads and smoothies.

That your week ahead be full of gorgeousness and sunshine.

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