A Gorgeous Week In Review


I recommend this magazine.

Especially if L’Oréal adverts, looming porcelain robots with big lips, on every other page bore the shit out of you …

… and you appreciate things like artists, happiness, literature, how to change the world and people who are doing it.

Halloween flowers; orange, blue and red.

Clean eating. Edamame beans. Baby spinach. Tomatoes. Ginger.

Talking creativity, paint and turpentine with David Firmstone, Turner Watercolour Prize Winner.

Whilst drinking Bristot and eating Raspberry Frangipane Tarts aka Ads-Made Bakewells.

This wall.

Sitting in the car waiting for Aysha’s parent’s evening to start at her school and looking at it.

And wondering …

Should they have painted their wall like that?

Do I like it?

Do I not like it?

I know that I find it funny.

Is it supposed to be funny?

Do the neighbours find it funny?

Working hard to get the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Colouring book ready in time for its launch, this November.

Ham sandwiches in the garden with this little dude.

Buzzy, exciting interview with Forever Living trailblazer, Louise Barnacle.

Coolest Halloween pre-party prep fun.

Crazy night of having to save an 8 year old that I didn’t know from traumatic monsters on spooky ghost walk by guiding her back up the pathway in pitch black (blessing as baby-Reid was also on the verge of trauma and girl provided me justifiable get-away in eyes of my two abandoned children), driving her off to Tramezzini and providing hot-chocolate with Fairy God Mother style finesse (blessing) and then when she burnt her mouth on the hot chocolate and started sobbing again (unblessing) being able to provide Tramezzini sparkling water (blessing) then driving her back to her uncle’s with Fairy God Mother like speed (blessing) before she told me that she wasn’t allowed to sit in the front seat of the car (unblessing) then dropping her off to thankful uncle (blessing) whilst simultaneously realising I’d abducted a child I didn’t know and that I needed to quickly explain to her aunt who was still on the ghost walk (unblessing) and driving back to ghostly location Reid fell asleep (blessing/unblessing) to then sit alone in a pitch black, haunted car park on Halloween waiting for my children and possibly traumatised aunt of traumatised girl to emerge.

Reid sleeping for two full nights sleep following Halloween party.

Ah-ha type, head nodding interview with Michael Lasser, coach and marketing consultant.

Near completion of the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Colouring Book.

Not wanting to speak too soon, but extremely easy flow with current writing commissions.

Family Cohesion.

A few cold, sunny, days (not just grey fuggy November eye-bleeding fUgginess). And no, I don’t mean FOG. I mean FUG.

Smooth James Bond style action from my Shaken Not Stirred Web Designer Of Awesome-ness as he transforms my Boutique into an Elves and the Shoemaker style treasure box of goodies.

Smooth Jane Bond style action from m’wah as I provide James with everything he needs to be Shaken and not Stirred.

To get 3 GORGEOUS articles about 3 GORGEOUS peeps written and ready to fly.


Productive time.

Time with Adam.

Time with Aysha.

Time with my Granddad who is in a residential home and has dementia.

Time to lie on the floor like a starfish and then roll around tickling Rowan and Reid’s feet.


Lots of good, juicy, present, delicious, embraced, breathed in, sung out, loved up TIME.

Thank you Universe.


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