A Gorgeous Week In Review

A proper camp-out-in-your-kitchen style, just-moved-in tea with my gorgeous soul-sister.

Cheese (cut with random pen knife), chutney, crackers, nuts, grapes, chocolate and wine.

Nowt else needed.

Myself and Rowan setting up our Tramezzini Christmas Exhibition table on Sunday. There were loads of amazing, interesting and happy people there. I practically sold out of all the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Colouring Books and the Grow Your Gorgeous 2016 Daybooks that I’d printed on a whim.

Continuing my interview with the incredibly talented, Turner Prize winning – and very lovely – artist, David Firmstone.

We drank Italian coffee and ate raspberry brownies to keep our energy up.

Chrimble browsing/shopping. Every year I buy a piece of Suzanne Wilks’ gorgeous ceramics for friends and family. I love it. I should actually just buy it for myself because I love it SO much. This year I went as far as making contact with Suzanne and asking if we could talk about her process, her creativity and inspiration. She said yes!

Lunch with my gorgeous man at Rob Thompsons.

Putting up the tree.

AJ decorating herself – not the tree.

Dropping off 45 Grow Your Own Gorgeousness books with a group of brave women in recovery from breast cancer.

Walking and playing in the leaves with my mum and baby Reid.

The people of Lea Croft.

A potential connection with Sir Ken Robinson.

Reid getting better from his illness.

Launching the Grow Your Gorgeous 2016 Daybook

The Grow Your Gorgeous 2016 Daybook and the ladies who’ve bought it!

My webman, James, who always comes to the rescue when things go awry.

Me and Ads eating our roast dinner from bowls on our laps whilst watching huge grey waves smashing on the seafront (whilst Reid snoozed).

The Venus Awards “Face The Camera” session going fairly smoothly.

Seeing my wonderful girlfriends, Anne and Emma, from the House & The Hill.

Hanging out with Ads.

Haggling down the man on my Christmas tree because we got our car stuck in the mud on his lawn and then him delivering the tree in his jeep.

A really special gift that I bought today.





Chill time








Good food

Plenty of water

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