13th Nov – A Gorgeous Week In Review

Meet the first scrummy copies of the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Adult Colouring Book! Bound with silver rings, finished in blue ribbon and charms and available from the Boutique this Monday …. #excited #inlovewithcolouring

This week’s office outlook; autumn trees and leaf confetti …

Then an old lady pulled up and told me that I was on Private Property and that I should leave at once?!

Reidy’s gorgeous sequin and felt creation that he made at preschool.

Exhibited on the fridge, bringing some well needed twinkles to our home.

November greyness makes me feel like my eyes are bleeding with the lack of colour.

Bought these beautiful cyclamen for the front of the house and intend to turn it into an oasis of winter vibrancy.

Visiting my gorgeous Grandad in his Residential Home.

We took a box of Malteasers for all the residents and they were so grateful and sweet.

This Sunday I am going to visit without the kids as  have an idea to surprise Grandad and his Roomies!

Out walking, trying to relieve November-Grey-Eye-Bleeding by seeking colour.

Trip to the lovely Samwize’s barbers, Scotts/Something For The Weekend

… for someone to get a cool cut.

And moustache.

For Movember.

Things falling into place.

Good timings.

A new baba announced in my family.

My three amazing cousins and their wonderful partners.


Inner Sage care sessions.

Loads of clean eating.

Adam coming home from town baring Sharpies.

Holding my nerve in a tough situation.

Finally learning that being nice when you are narked gets your further than being narky when you are narked.

The Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Adult Colouring book looking sensational.







A wonderfully, brilliant, happy launch of the colouring books into the world of warm, eager colourer-inners.

Christmas feeling found in little nooks of life and conversation.



Maybe a run.

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