A Gorgeous Week In Review

lemon tea in the morning, body cleanser, metabolism booster

beautiful, unashamed vibrancy in the botanical gardens

this little message chalked outside a cottage on my way to pick rowan up from school

autumn flavours: smoked aubergine and carrot soup with honey roasted apple, sausage and goats cheese

my danish Ur rune that I thought was lost in a hotel at heathrow but I found in the bottom of my bag

baby Reid feeling textures on our stomp in the landslip woodland

treasure hunting friends, secret discoveries, hammered silver half groat from 1420

my treasures: silver bangles and hammered beauties in autumn leaves and woolly poncho tassels

Yerba Mate

Knowing my soul sister is going to be moving from London to the Isle of Wight v soon

Meeting @ the Ventnor Exchange about running a Gorgeousness Programme after Xmas

An inspiring convo with international speaker, executive coach and Juice Plus maven, Susie Mitchell

Mineral water

Finding a load of artwork I’d forgotten about

A stack of wood for the winter. Watching Rowan and Reid bringing in the wood whilst dressed in lumberjack shirts

Clearing the garden

Blissful Sunday morning breakfast with my beloveds

The season changing

Watching baby Reid do the “Roo Dance” (half squat and wriggle bottom) at the sight of AJ and Ro coming back from their dad’s

Freelance writing abundance

Creative gifts

Upsets between man and woman which then deepen and develop their love and understanding

A daughter

Sumptuous and excitable stroll with Freya of the Well Being Experience (pod cast coming soon)

The smooth, easy & successful completion of my next two articles before the BIG deadline

Lovely, interesting, expansive people on the Goal Mapping Practitioner Programme

A pocket of quality time with Ads




Indian Summer Sun

A magical meeting on Monday

Strong boundaries and warm hearts

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