A Gorgeous Week In Review

sunset, seaside, a meeting about some freelance coaching articles

my big boy, my little boy, indian summer and squeezing juice out of the last warm days

travelling office,  sleeping baby, island views

rose tea, gorgeous china, garden lazing

gorgeous oldest, beautiful youngest, koala hugs, botanical meandering

amongst the Arizona sunrise, daisies and late foxglove, drafting pages for “grow your gorgeous 2016 daybook”

rowan’s school cake stall, watching a boy and his step dad makes cakes together, marble ski mountain

autumn fruit bowl harvest

writing by the summer house

Reid’s new nursery is nearly complete meaning soon we’ll have our bedroom back.

Sending Grow Your Own Gorgeousness to three new homes.

Botanical Gardens Season ticket.


A secret, strange, enchanted opportunity that has found its way into my lap (and I’m not sure what to do with it yet).

Indian summer.

Rowan’s strong head. He fell over at school this week, was concussed and went to hospital and then hit his head again today and came home early but was super brave.

People in my life understanding that, during this period, there is little undisturbed time for long chats and hanging out, so making do with quick “hellos” and passing “I love you’s” and knowing that in the future there will be time abundance again.

Memories of my recent trip to Denmark and friends I met there.

Aysha being happy and settled and loving her new school.

Publishing the 3 Aspect Gorgeousness Coaching System and Holger Danske & I articles.


My home … the people and animals who live here and in my community.

Good coffee.

Good health.

3 long, luscious running morns.

Clean eating every day.

Do Yoga.

Help AJ arrange her Halloween Party.

Walks with Reid @ Osborne, Carisbrooke and Botanical Gardens before the weather breaks.

Successful meeting with a certain primary head regarding the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Programme.

5 new and inspiring subscribers to my blog community.

Steps taken towards Phase 3 of the Pocket Guide To Gorgeousness Project.

Flow and ease with freelance commissions.


What’s on your wish list for the week ahead?


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