3 Reasons Why Boot Camp Is The Best Experience Ever

For the last few days I have been physically obliterated, hence why I haven’t had time to report, but tonight, after a day of high roping in the trees and climbing a wall with small chunks of jug-shaped plastic, I have some time to tell you what’s been happening. I’ll pull it together in a 3 Reasons post (because it’s easy and doesn’t take much brain power).

1. I have met 23 of the most amazing women.

Everyone has travelled here from different parts of the country and the world and they’ve also been on their own body journey. So beautiful that all of our paths have intermingled and knotted in this one week of absolute life-changing mental and emotional torture/elation. Each individual has their own unique gorgeousness and I’ve learnt so much from every one of them, younger and older. The perceptions I had of people on the first day have been smashed and we’ve all created some amazing friendships.

On my trainings I’m aware that every group has its own energy and dynamic, but some groups have a magical energy and dynamic. This group is one of them. We’re like different facets of a 25 sided diamond this week and whether I ever see any of these girls again,  I do know that I’ll take a bit of their magic with me.

2. I’ve realised where I was going wrong.

When I first began to go running I discovered the importance of pacing myself. With this realisation came a certain grumpiness, for if someone had told me that while I was at school, I would have become a much better runner. But no one did. So.

This week Staff R has continually repeated this, “When you’re approaching the end you get stronger, not weaker. That’s the difference between a person who wins and one who comes second.”

All my life I have lost motivation towards the end of projects. I’m all like, “we’re nearly done, so I may as well just chill.” This has not served me and it has also meant that successful projects have fallen short before they have come into fruition. Since being here I’ve  realised that when you get to the end of anything,  whether it is a race or marketing a new product, you have to power up at the end because that’s where it counts.

Why did no one tell me this before????

3. I’ve been pushed to my physical and psychological limit and transformed my perception of the body.

This has been quite massive. On coming to Boot Camp I was in a bit of a quandary because everyone coming is here to lose weight and loving your body is a bit part of the Gorgeousness ethos. In the past I have very much associated wanting to lose weight with a lack of acceptance, either with who you are or what you look like. On arrival I sat down with the main dude here and talked about the ethos behind this place. As our conversation went on I realised that the Boot camp ethos of “Better Mind, Better Body” is completely in sync with Gorgeousness.

The the ethos here is all about learning to unleash and train the innate power of the body – not to try and squeeze yourself into a mould, but to nourish, train and love “the vessel”. At the same time as this, the mind is trained equally. I’m so staggered by what I’ve learnt here that I’m not going to write about it now. It’s something I need to digest and mull over once I’m back at home.

All in all, Boot Camp SO FAR, has been fantastic. Everyone here will go back as changed people and with their own gifts and learnings, just like anyone will if they take out a week to push themselves to their total limits! Hurrah!!

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